Results Page

The results page contains a list of all of the scholars who match your search query. The search terms will all be highlighted to easily find where the terms were found within the content. To see the full entry for any of the scholars listed on your results page, simply click on that scholar's name.


You can sort the information on the results page in two ways: by relevance (the default sort) or alphabetically.

    Sorting by Relevance puts the entries with the most field matches closer to the top, and the entries with the fewest matches at the bottom. For instance, if you searched for "Harvard" within the Education and Professional Experience fields, the entries that had Harvard in both Education and Professional Experience would be up top, while the entries that had Harvard in only one of the fields would be at the bottom.
    Sorting Alphabetically simply lists all the results alphabetically by the scholar's name as it is entered into the database.

Adding & Editing Entries

In order to add or edit any entries, you must first log in. Click on the "Log In" tab.


If you are not already registered, clock on the Log In tab and fill out the forms on the left of the Log In page. You will receive an e-mail message with your verification code. All you need to do is click on the link to have your code automatically verified and to be logged into the database."

Logging In

If you are already registered, simply enter your e-mail address and password in the boxes on the right of the "Log In" page.


Click on the "Add/Edit" tab. To add an entry, click on "Add Entry." Your text will have to be approved by the Administrator before your entry can become visible to the users of the Database. To edit am entry, search for it using the "Search" tab, then click on "Edit Entry" (N.B. You can only edit an existing entry if the Administrator has designated you as an editor of that entry.)

Whether you add or edit an entry, you are not finished until you click “Submit” The new or corrected entry will instantly be added to the database.

Only the administrator can delete entries.

Adding a picture

On an entry’s page, click on “Add Photo” and follow the instructions to upload a photo from your computer.