DOYLE, Richard E., S.J.

  • DOYLE, Richard E., S.J.
Date of Birth
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Walter F. and Dorothy Brassell D.
Date of Death
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New York
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B.A. Bellarmine Coll; Ph.L., M.A.,. Ph.D., Cornell, 1965.


Joined Society of Jesus, 30 July 1947; ordained 18 June 1960; instr to asso. prof. Fordham, 1965-70; Professor of Classics, Chair, Dept. class. 1970-77; Dean Grad. Sch. Arts & Sciences & Dean of Faculty, 1980-85; Academic Vice President of Fordham University, 1985-87.


“The Use and Meaning of ἄτη in the Seven Extant Plays of Aeschylus” (Cornell, 1965).


“Ὄλβος, κόρος, ὕβρις and ἄτη from Hesiod to Aeschylus,” Traditio 26 (1970) 293-303; “The Objective Use of ἄτη in Aeschylean Tragedy,” Traditio 28 (1972) 1-28; “Fate in Greek Tragedy,” Thought (New York Fordham Univ. Pr.) XLVII (1972); “The Concept of ἄτη in Sophoclean Tragedy,” Traditio 32 (1976) 1-27; Ἄτη, Its Use and Meaning. A Study in the Greek Poetic Tradition from Homer to Euripides (New York: Fordham U. Press, 1984) REVS: G&R 32 (1985) 227 Walcot | Gnomon 60 (1988) 385-389 Gruber


Following graduation from Bellarmine College, Fr. Doyle held the Florence M. Smith Fellowship at Cornell. He joined Fordham in 1965 and served in a variety of administrative positions. A member of the APA since 1954, Fr. Doyle served as Chairman of the Local Planning Committee for the 1976 APA/AIA Annual Meeting in New York City. He was also a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi, the Cornell Club of New York, and the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick. In addition to his work on Greek tragedy, he wrote articles on Greek literature and thought in classical journals. He was Book Review Editor of Classical World from 1977-83 and editor of Traditio from 1972-85.


APA Newsletter 10,2 (Spring 1987) 22.

Harry B. Evans