MENDELL, Clarence Whittlesey

  • MENDELL, Clarence Whittlesey
Date of Birth
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Ellis & Clara Eliza Whittlesey
Date of Death
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Katherine DeFord Webb, 14 Apr. 1914; Elizabeth Bailey Lawrence, 10 July 1930.

B.A. Yale, 1904; M.A., 1905; Ph.D., 1910.


Instr. Lat. Yale, 1907-11; asst. prof. Gk. & Lat., 1911-19; Dunham prof. Lat. lang. & lit., 1919-47; dean Yale Coll., 1926-37; mstr. Branford Coll., 1932-43; Sterling prof, class., 1947-52; public orator, 1947-52; ann. prof. AAR, 1932-3.


"Sentence Connection in Tacitus" (Yale, 1910); printed (New Haven, 1911)


Latin Sentence Connection (New Haven, 1917); "Petronius and the Greek Romance," CP 12 (1917) 158-72; "Satire as Popular Philosophy," CP 15 (1920) 138-57; "Martial and the Satiric Epigram," CP 17 (1922) 1-20; "Nec Cithara Carentem," CJ 19 (1923-4) 369-79; "Silius the Reactionary," PhQ 3 (1924) 92-106; "Ut Clauses I," AJP 46 (1925) 293-316; "Ut Clauses II," AJP 47 (1926) 124-52; Prometheus Bound and Prometheus Unbound (verse) (New Haven, 1926); "The Epic of Asinius Pollio," YCS 1 (1928) 195-207; Livy XXX-XXXI1I (New York, 1928); Jean d'Arc at Rouen (verse) (New Haven, 1931); "Dramatic Construction of Tacitus' Annates," YCS 5 (1935) 1-54; "Catullan Echoes in the Odes of Horace," CP 30 (1935) 289-301; "The Discovery of the Minor Works of Tacitus," AJP 56 (1935) 113-30; "Horace Odes i.14," CP 33 (1938) 145-56; "Vergil's Workmanship," CJ 4 (1938-9) 9-22; "Manuscripts of Tacitus XI-XXI," YCS 6 (1939) 39-70; Our Seneca (New Haven, 1941; repr. Hamden, CT, 1968); "Lucan's Rivers," YCS 8 (1942) 3-22; "Manuscripts of Tacitus' Minor Works," MAAR 19 (1949) 135-45; "Horace, Odes 2.18," YCS 11 (1950) 279-92; "The Influence of the Epyllion on the Aeneid," YCS 12 (1951) 203-26; "Ryck's Manuscript of Tacitus," AJP 12 (1951) 337-45; "Leidensis BPL 16. B Tacitus XI-XXI," AJP 75 (1954) 250-70; Tacitus: The Man and His Work (New Haven, 1957; repr. Hamden, CT, 1970); Latin Poetry: The New Poets and the Augustans (New Haven, 1965); Latin Poetry: The Age of Rhetoric and Satire (Hamden, CT, 1967); Latin Poetry Before and After (Hamden, CT, 1970).


Clare Mendell, as he was familiarly known, is an excellent example of a classicist who won distinction both as a scholar and as an educational administrator. After graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Yale, he demonstrated such ability that while working for his Ph.D. in 1907 he was appointed an instructor in Latin. As soon as he received the degree he was promoted to assistant professor and in 1919 was named Dunham Professor of Latin. His favorite Latin author was Tacitus, with Livy as a close second. He collected one of the finest private Tacitus libraries in the world and presented it to Yale in 1932. His work on Augustan poetry is significant for its emphasis on generic literary influence between poets, but is hampered for moderns by his undue stress on the existence of the epyllion as a separate genre.During World War I he served with American Military Intelligence in Paris in 1918-19 as an assistant to the territorial experts on the American Commission for a negotiated peace. He served as lieutenant commander and commander in the Navy in World War II and was decorated with the Legion of Merit.


WhWh 1930-1:1544; Yale Alumni Magazine 6 (June 1952) 13; YCS 23 (1973) vii-ix (with bibliography).

John Francis Latimer