OLIVER, Revilo Pendleton

  • OLIVER, Revilo Pendleton
Date of Birth
Born City
Iowa Park
Born State/Country
Revilo P. and Flora R. Long O.
Date of Death
Death City
Death State/Country
Grace Needham, 1930

Attended Pomona College, 1927; A.M. U. Illinois, 1933; Ph.D., 1940


Insr. Classics, U. Illinois, 1940-2; research analyst and director of research for U.S. War Department, 1942-5; asst.  prof. Classics, Spanish, & Italian, U. Illinois, 1945-7; also. prof. 1947-53; perf. 1953-0-53; prof. 1953-78; research analyst to director of research, U.S. War Dept. 1942-45; Guggenheim Post-Service Fellow, 1946-7; Fulbright Fellow, 1953-4.


"Niccolo Perotti's Translation of 'The Enchiridion'" (Illinois, 1940).


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Kleine SchriftenAgainst the Grain: The Writings of Revilo P. Oliver (Reedy WV: Liberty Bell Publications, 1995)


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