• Date of Birth: May 25, 1844
  • Born City: Oberlin
  • Born State/Country: OH
  • Parents: George Nelson, a music & nat. sci. prof, at Oberlin, & Mary Rudd
  • Date of Death: August 04, 1897
  • Death City: Portsmouth
  • Death State/Country: NH (bicycling four miles south of Portsmouth, from Cambridge MA)
  • Death Notes: Meyer Reinhold
  • Married: Emmeline Laighton, 26 Dec. 1878.
  • Education:

    Study at Western Reserve; A.B. Oberlin, 1863; Ph.D. Leipzig, 1870.

  • Dissertation:

    "De Dialecto Locrensium" (Leipzig, 1870).

  • Professional Experience:

    Tchr. Sewickly (PA) HS, 1863-5; instr. Gk. & Lat. U. East Tennessee, 1866-8, 1870-3; tutor Harvard, 1873-4; prof. anc. langs. U. Cincinnati, 1874-9; prof. Gk. Yale, 1879-80; prof, class, philol. Harvard, 1880-97; dir. ASCSA, 1885-6; pres. APA, 1881-2.

  • Publications:

    Euripides Medea, (Boston, 1876; rev. by Clifford H. Moore, 1900); Remnants of Early Latin (Boston, 1880); "On Greek Versification in Inscriptions," PASAthens 4 (1888) 37-204; Aeschylus Prometheus Bound (trans.) (Boston & London, 1891).

  • Notes:

    Frederic De Forest Allen is best known for his most important work, Remnants of Early Latin. Most of his other scholarship is in the form of articles, which have not been collected. At Leipzig he studied under Georg Curtius and joined in the Grammatische Gesellschaft. As a result, he revised Hadley's Greek Grammar and translated Wecklein's Prometheus Bound for students. He knew ancient Greek music well and based on that knowledge composed the score for a performance of Terence's Phormio. He was at work on an edition of the Scholia of Plato at the time of his death.

  • Sources:

    DAB 1:189-90; J. B. Greenough, HSCP 9 (1898) 27-36; Sandys 459-60; T. D. Seymour, AJP 18 (1897) 373-5.

  • Author: Meyer Reinhold