North American Scholar


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  • Date of Birth (YYYY-MM-DD): 1886-08-23
  • Born City: Reading
  • Born State/Country: PA
  • Parents: Thomas Charles & Emma Catherine Ziegler
  • Date of Death (YYYY-MM-DD): 1970-12-28
  • Death City: Alfred
  • Death State/Country: NY
  • Married: Mary Ruth Bream, 9 Sept. 1914.
  • Education:

    A.B. Gettysburg Coll., 1906; study at U. of Pennsylvania, 1908-9; A.M. Princeton, 1910; Ph.D. 1917.

  • Professional Experience:

    Prof. Gk. Gettysburg (PA) Acad., 1906-8; prof. Gk. Gettysburg Coll., 1912-30; asso. prof, to prof, class. NYU, 1930-51; vis. prof. Alfred (NY) U., 1961-3; gen. sec. AIA, 1930-2.

  • Dissertation:

    "Naturalization in Athenian Law and Practice" (Princeton, 1917); privately printed, 1922.

  • Publications:

    "Amendments in Athenian Decrees," AJA 42 (1938) 456-85; "Ta Sem &4>' tf/Sirc," TAPA 11 (1946) 214-20; "Age-Classes in Spartan Education," TAPA 78 (1947) 99-104.

  • Notes:

    Albert Billheimer was a teacher of Greek and an epigraphist specializing in Attic inscriptions of the fifth and fourth centuries B.C. As a teacher he insisted upon absolute accuracy and precision, yet did so without pedantry. As a scholar he rigidly held to the highest standards and taught his students to do the same. He wrote few articles, but they were models of scholarship—concise, scrupulously accurate, convincingly argued.

  • Sources:

    NYU Archives; WhAm 7:51.

  • Author: Lionel Casson