• Date of Birth: January 04, 1865
  • Born City: Halifax Court House
  • Born State/Country: VA
  • Parents: Rev. John Holmes & Sarah Margaret Kemper B.
  • Date of Death: October 31, 1947
  • Death City: Athens
  • Death State/Country: GA
  • Married: Bessie Perry Friend, 25 July 1889.
  • Education:

    A.B. Hampden-Sydney, 1884; B.L.H., 1884; LL.D., 1915; Litt. D., 1926; study at U. Virginia, 1885, & Berlin, 1892-3; A.M. (hon.) Davidson, 1889; LL.D. U. Georgia, 1910.

  • Professional Experience:

    Tchr. McGuire's Sch. (Richmond), 1884-6; prof. Gk. Hampden-Sydney, 1886-9; prof. anc. langs. U. Georgia, 1889-94; prof. Gk. 1894-1945; dean grad. school, 1910-28; lctr. int. relats., 1931-42; dean fac, 1932-4.

  • Publications:

    "Notes on the Greek Present," SPhil 13 (1916) 7-21.

  • Notes:

    Born to a politically active Virginia family, Bocock spent his youth in Lexington, VA, and Booneville, MO. He had planned to attend Princeton, but ultimately chose Hampden-Sydney, where, as a minister's son, he could attend free of charge. After study with Wheeler and Peters at Virginia, he began teaching at Hampden-Sydney at the age of 21. Seldom has a collegiate teaching career begun so ominously: at his first faculty meeting, an earthquake shook the town and campus. At Berlin he heard the lectures of Schmidt and Kirchhoff. He taught at Georgia for 56 years. His most popular course treated the origins of war and eventually developed into a survey of international relations.

  • Sources:

    Joseph R. Berrigan, "Georgia Classicists," CO 51 (1974) 99-101; Sch. & Soc. 66 (1947) 363; WhAm4:91

  • Author: Joseph R. Berrigan