• Date of Birth: July 03, 1886
  • Born City: Chester
  • Born State/Country: PA
  • Parents: Joseph Fergus & Emma Jane Hampson B.
  • Date of Death: August 18, 1947
  • Death City: Swarthmore
  • Death State/Country: PA
  • Education:

    A.B. Swarthmore, 1907; A.M. U. Pennsylvania, 1911; Bennett fell, class., 1912-4; Ph.D. 1915; study at AAR, 1926-7.

  • Dissertation:

    Roman Craftsmen and Tradesmen of the Early Empire (Pennsylvania, 1915); printed (Menasha WI, 1917).

  • Professional Experience:

    Instr. Lat., French, & Eng. Chester HS, 1907-9; head class, dept. West Chester (PA) HS, 1909-12; instr. Lat. Vassar, 1914-6; asst.-prof. Gk. & Lat. Swarthmore, 1916-24; prof. & chair of class., 1928-47; actng. dean coll., 1932-3.

  • Publications:

    "On Suetonius, De grammaticis 5," CP 10 (1915) 84-6; "The Synthesis of the Romans," TAPA 49 (1918) 131-43; "A Weaver of Oxyrhynchus: Sketch of an Humble Life in Roman Egypt," TAPA 58 (1927) 132-54; A Weaver's Life in Oxyrhynchus: His Status in the Community," Studies Rolfe, 19-45; "Poster Politics in Ancient Rome and in Later Italy", CJ 39 (1944) 466-83.

  • Notes:

    Ethel H. Brewster once said that the value of the classics was self-evident, needing no defense. Witty, alert, charitable, holding high standards for herself and others yet not censorious, dignified and somewhat aloof, she exemplified as well as taught classical ideals. She was a stimulating teacher with a willingness to go out of her way to foster all aspects of education. She taught Greek with flair, urged students to attend the daily Quaker "Collection," invited them to tea in her home, the tiny Benjamin West House on campus, and drove a contingent to Randolph-Macon to see a production of Prometheus Bound in Greek. Her interest continued for years as she followed careers in graduate school and teaching.

  • Sources:

    CJ 43 (1947-8) 232; WhAm 2:78.

  • Author: Katherine Lever