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BROWNE, Gerald Michael

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  • Date of Birth: December 13, 1943
  • Born City: Detroit
  • Born State/Country: MI
  • Parents: Walter Whitney & Marjorie Marie Eckard B.
  • Date of Death: August 30, 2004
  • Death City: Urbana
  • Death State/Country: IL
  • Education:

    A.B., U. of Michigan, 1965; A.M., 1966, Ph.D., 1968; Woodrow Wilson fell., 1965-6; NDEA Title IV fell.,. 1966-8; res. asst., Univ. Coll. London, 1968.

  • Dissertation:

    “Documentary Papyri from the Michigan Collection” (Michigan, 1968).

  • Professional Experience:

    Instr. Harvard, 1968-9; lector., 1969-70; asst. prof., 1970-3; jr. fell., CHS, Washington, 1973-4; asst. prof. U. Illinois, Urbana, 1974-5; asso. prof., 1975-80; prof. classics & linguistics, 1980-2003; ed. Coptic Studies; ed. BASP, 1974-87.

  • Notes:

    Michael Browne, took three degrees at the University of Michi­gan at Ann Arbor, his Ph.D. under his mentor, Herbert Chayyim Youtie. He received tenure the year after he joined the faculty at the University of Illinois where he remained until his retirement. He was a teacher beloved by decades of grateful students. He directed six doctoral dissertations. His bibliography of 240 items including 23 monographs is available in his Studia Palaeophilologica Professoris G. M. Browne in Honorem Oblata, ed. Stephen Bay (Champaign 2004). He preferred the precise and difficult and cen­tered on papyrology and Coptic studies. He was the world authority on the earliest preserved black literature, Old Nubian. His Old Nubian Grammar (Munich 2002) and Old Nubian Dictionary (Louvain 1996) are fundamen­tal. He was modest, good humored, and cherished by all who knew him. He died by suicide.

  • Sources:

    Personal knowledge.

  • Author: William M. Calder III