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  • Date of Birth: June 03, 1879
  • Born City: Richmond
  • Born State/Country: VA
  • Parents: John Hampden, a newspaper editor & state representative, and Mary Walker Gibson C.
  • Date of Death: December 14, 1917
  • Death City: Columbia
  • Death State/Country: SC
  • Married: Elizabeth Weldon Claiborne, 27 June 1911.
  • Education:

    U. Virginia, 1896-99, B.A., 1901; M.A., 1902; study at Berlin, 1905-6; A.M. & Ph.D. Halle, 1908.

  • Dissertation:

    “De Hymno in Apollinem Homerico” (Halle, 1908).

  • Professional Experience:

    Class, mstr. Locust Dale Acad. (VA), 1900; Lat. mstr. Kenyon Military Acad. (OH), 1901; prof. Lat. Southern Female Acad. (Petersburg, VA), 1903; Lat. & Germ. mstr. Chestnut Hill Acad. (PA) 1903-5; instr. Lat. Amherst, 1908-10; prof. Lat. U. South Carolina, 1910-7; prof. Lat. Chatauqua Inst. Summ. Sch., 1910-4; prof. Lat. George Peabody Coll., Summer 1915.

  • Publications:

    “A Study of Nonnus,” StPhil 13 (1916) 40-68.

  • Notes:

    Lewis Parke Chamberlayne was born to a distinguished Virginia family and was trained by C. W. Bain at McCabe's School in Richmond, one of the finest in the South. After a career of teaching in private schools, he was a student of Wilamowitz, E. Meyer, Vahlen, and W. Schulze at Berlin and of Blass, Wissowa, Dittenberger, and Kern at Halle. After his two years at Amherst, he succeeded his teacher Bain at the University of South Carolina, where an untimely death cut off a promising career. His daughter Elizabeth married Moses Hadas.

  • Sources:

    WhAm 1:208.

    Image credit: Caroliniana Library, University of South Carolina

  • Author: Ward W. Briggs, Jr.