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EARLE, Mortimer Lamson

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  • Date of Birth: October 14, 1864
  • Born City: New York
  • Born State/Country: NY
  • Parents: Mortimer Lent & Josephine Allen E.
  • Date of Death: September 26, 1905
  • Death City: New York
  • Death State/Country: NY
  • Married: Ethel D. Woodward, 4 June 1892.
  • Education:

    B.A. Columbia, 1886; Ph.D. 1889; study at Bonn, Berlin, ASCSA, 1887-8.

  • Dissertation:

    “Quaestiones Sicyoniae” (Columbia, 1889); printed as “A Sikyonian Statue” AJA 5 (1889) 292-303.

  • Professional Experience:

    Instr. Gk. Barnard, 1889-95; assoc. prof. Gk., Bryn Mawr, 1895-8; prof, class, philol., Barnard, 1899-1905; vice pres., APA, 1902-5.

  • Publications:

    “Ad Euripidis Iph. Taur. 1351-3” AJP 13 (1892) 87-8; The Alcestis of Euripides (New York 1894); “Of Two Passages in Euripides' Medea,” Studies Drisler, 11-15; The Oedipus Tyrannus of Sophocles (New York, 1901); “Studies in Sophocles's Trachinians,” TAP A 33 (1902) 5-29; The Medea of Euripides (New York, 1904); “De Thucydidis 1.1-23,” AJP 26 (1905) 441-54.Kleine Schriften: The Classical Papers of Mortimer Lamson Earle (New York, 1912).

  • Notes:

    Mortimer Lamson Earle, one of Columbians most promising scholars, whose career was suddenly ended by early death, combined interests in Greek language and literature with classical archaeology. During his year in Athens he assisted in directing the excavations at Sicyon. He would have been president of the APA had he lived another year. He was a prolific scholar, contributing numerous articles to the periodicals; his books were college texts for the study of the Greek dramatists. As a colleague he was remembered for “personal characteristics of rare quality—sincerity, generosity, and unfailing courtesy.”

  • Sources:

    AJP 26 (1905) 454-6; Sidney B. Ashmore, “Memoir” in The Classical Papers of Mortimer Lamson Earle (New York, 1912), ix-xxix; CJ 1 (1905-6) 23-4; DAB 5:594-95; Edward Delavan Perry, Columbia University Quarterly 8 (Dec. 1905) 39-41; Sandys, 468.

  • Author: Meyer Reinhold