• Date of Birth: August 11, 1866
  • Born City: Holden
  • Born State/Country: MA
  • Parents: Charles Willard & Jane Grey Story G.
  • Date of Death: November 03, 1942
  • Death City: Boston
  • Death State/Country: MA
  • Married: Ellen Frances Morrison, 1 July 1890.
  • Education:

    A.B. Harvard, 1888; A.M. 1889; M.A. (hon.) Trinity Coll. (CT), 1934.

  • Professional Experience:

    Lat., Gk., physics & penmanship tchr. Roxbury Lat. Sch., 1889-1905, 1912-39; Lat. tchr. Volkmann School (Boston), 1905-12; pres. CANE, 1923-4; asso. ed. CJ, 1907-39; vis. instr. Columbia (NY) Summer School, 1929, 1931.

  • Publications:

    The Gate to the Anabasis (Boston, 1894); The First Greek Book, with Caroline Stone Atherton (New York, 1895); Via Latina by William C. Collar, with vocabulary by Gleason (Boston, 1897); The Cyropaedia of Xenophon (New York, 1897); The Gate to Vergil (Boston, 1898); A Term of Ovid (New York, 1900; 2d ed., 1920); The Story of Cyrus (New York, 1900); A Greek Primer (New York, 1903); Greek Prose Composition (New York, 1905); A Latin Primer (Boston, 1926).

  • Notes:

    Clarence W. Gleason was a longtime teacher of Greek and Latin in Massachusetts private secondary schools and the author or editor of numerous textbooks, who earned a degree of respect from his colleagues and devotion from his students over five decades that was commensurate with his span of service. His teaching skills, his passion for ancient literature, and his benign but demanding attention to individual pupils provided a model which induced many of them to follow academic and scholarly careers in classics.

  • Sources:

    CJ 38 (1942-3) 248; WhAm 2:212.

    Image: Hartford Courant 28 April 1936 p2. Portrait by Bachrach.

  • Author: Stanley T. Vandersall