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GRANT, Mary Amelia

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  • Date of Birth: November 10, 1890
  • Born City: Topeka
  • Born State/Country: KS
  • Parents: Emerson Warren, a civil engineer & Jennie Bradbury G.
  • Date of Death: February 17, 1987
  • Death City: Lawrence
  • Death State/Country: KS
  • Education:

    A.B. U. Kansas, 1913; A.M., 1914; study at Bryn Mawr, 1914-5; Ph.D. U. Wisconsin, 1919; study at AAR, 1919-20; ASCSA, 1936.

  • Dissertation:

    “The Ancient Rhetorical Theories of the Laughable: The Greek Rhetoricians and Cicero” (Wisconsin, 1919); printed, U. Wisconsin Studies Lang. & Lit. 21 (Madison, 1924).

  • Professional Experience:

    Instr. Lat. Western Coll. for Women (Oxford, OH), 1916-7; instr. Lat. U. Kansas, 1921-2; asst. to assoc. prof. Lat. & Gk., 1922-60; curator, Wilcox Museum of Class. Antiquities, 1944-60.

  • Publications:

    G. C. Fiske, Cicero's de Oratore and Horace's Ars Poetica (ed.), U. Wisconsin Studies in Lang. & Lit. (Madison, 1929); “Education on Mt. Olympus,” CO 14 (1936-7) 45-6; The Myths of Hyginus (trans.) (Lawrence, KS, 1960); Folktale and Hero-Tale Motifs in the Odes of Pindar (Lawrence, KS, 1967); poetry in Atlantic Monthly, 1943-7, and Spirit.

  • Notes:

    Colleagues, students, and associates remember Mary Grant for the traits of a soft-spoken gentleness that came from assurance rather than weakness, for her kindness and generosity are a matter of record. She donated funds to the Classical Association of the Middle West and South to establish what is now called the Mary A. Grant Scholarship. She contributed generously to her university and community. She took students into her home in the lean years of the depression. Even in her scholarly career, her kindness was evident. Her collaboration on G. C. Fiske's book on Cicero and Horace was the consequence of her return to the University of Wisconsin to take over the completion of the book when its main author became too ill to finish it. Those who sat in her classes remember her care and compassion as a teacher, her rich but modest scholarly manner, and the charming wit with which she seasoned her instruction.

  • Sources:

    Oliver Phillips, APA Newsletter (Spring, 1987), 22; ConAu. P 2:227-8;

  • Author: Oliver Phillips