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HOUGHTON, Herbert Pierrepont

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  • Date of Birth: January 22, 1880
  • Born City: Brooklyn
  • Born State/Country: NY
  • Parents: Joseph Goodhue & Sarah Pierrepont H.
  • Date of Death: May 11, 1964
  • Death City: Wellesley Hills
  • Death State/Country: MA
  • Married: Kathleen Bagwell, 20 Apr. 1908.
  • Education:

    A.B. Amherst, 1901; A.M., 1904; Ph.D. Johns Hopkins, 1907; Litt.D. Waynesburg Coll., 1918; LL.D. Ripon Coll., 1919; study in Athens & Rome, 1929-30.

  • Dissertation:

    “The Moral Significance of Animals as Indicated in Greek Proverbs” (Johns Hopkins, 1907); printed (Amherst, MA, 1915).

  • Professional Experience:

    Master Germ. Chestnut Hill Acad. (Philadelphia), 1901-3; instr. class. Princeton, 1907-8; instr. to prof. Lat. Amherst, 1908-15; pres. Waynesburg (PA) Coll., 1913-8; Carroll Coll. (Waukesha, WI), 1918-20; exec. secy. Wisconsin Colleges Associated, 1920-2; studied theology with Bishop of Milwaukee, 1920-1; deacon & priest Protestant Episcopal Ch., 1921; curate St. Paul's Ch. (Milwaukee), 1920-3; prof. Gk. Carleton Coll., 1923-40; prof, class, langs. & chair dept., 1940-50; rector All Saints' Ch. (Northfield, MN), 1923-9; vis. prof. Gk. New Testament Seabury Div. Sch., 1926-9; res. schol. oriental langs. U. Virginia, 1950-5; vis. lctr. Harvard, 1936-7.

  • Publications:

    Cicero. A Defense of Old Age (De Senectute) (trans.) (New York & London, 1911); The Bask Verb, Guipuzcoan Dialect (Northfield, MN, 1944); Languages of the Caucasus: Two Studies (Northfield, MN, 1946); The Coptic Verb, Bohairic Dialect (Northfield, MN, 1948); Aspects of the Amharic Verb in Comparison with Ethiopic (Northfield, MN, 1948);” The Study of the Classics in the United States in the Seventeenth, Eighteenth, Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries,” Humanitas 2 (1948-9) 345-9; Pindar. Olympian Odes (trans.) (Northfield, MN, 1949); “Lucretius and the De Rerum Natura,” Humanitas 3 (1949-50) 11-36; Euphrosyne (Charlottesville, VA, 1954); “Gildersleeve and the First Nemean,” C/49 (1953-4) 215-20.

  • Notes:

    Houghton studied Greek and Sanskrit at Johns Hopkins and remained a linguist at heart throughout his varied and interesting career as scholar, administrator, priest, and teacher. The bulk of his service was given to Carleton College, where he published his linguistic studies of verbs. He published readable translations of Cicero and Pindar, and challenged his mentor Gildersleeve's reading of the First Nemean.

  • Sources:

    Amherst Coll. archives; WhWh 1954-5: 1281-2.

  • Author: Ward W. Briggs, Jr.