• Date of Birth: August 27, 1865
  • Born City: Reading
  • Born State/Country: MA
  • Parents: Andrew & Mary Susan Rose H.
  • Date of Death: December 12, 1942
  • Death City: Miami
  • Death State/Country: FL
  • Married: Sarah Knowlton Dillaway, 27 Dec. 1887; Blanche L. Lamberton, 5 Apr. 1934; Hazel Ward Durgin, 26 May 1939.
  • Education:

    A.B. Harvard, 1886; A.M. 1890; Ph.D., 1895.

  • Dissertation:

    “De versibus Homericis apud Platonem et Aristotelem repertis” (Harvard, 1895); printed as “Homeric quotations in Plato and Aristotle,” HSCP 6 (1895) 153-237.

  • Professional Experience:

    Tchr. Stamford (CT) HS, 1886-7; jr. master Boston Lat. Sch., 1887-91; instr. Lat. Haverford Coll. Gramm. Sch., 1891-2; prof. Gk. U. Vermont, 1895-1905; ann. prof. ASCSA, 1902-3; Garfield prof. anc. langs. Williams Coll., 1905-34; dean, 1920-30; sec.-treas. CANE, 1906-18, 1919-20; pres., 1918-9.

  • Publications:

    “The Use of μή with the Participle, Where the Negative is Influenced by the Construction upon which the Participle Depends,” HSCP 12 (1902) 277-85.

  • Notes:

    George Edwin Howes held the Garfield chair of Greek at Williams for nearly 30 years, serving also as dean for a decade. His decanal responsibilities kept him from accomplishing the kind of scholarship his penetrating and accurate mind was clearly capable of. An enthusiastic teacher, he demanded and rewarded diligence and honesty from his students; as an administrator he actively defended the role of classics in the college curriculum. His enduring legacy is his founding of the New England Classical Association with John Haskell Hewitt, which association he served for a number of years. In his infrequent spare time he enjoyed outdoor games, to which he brought more enthusiasm than expertise.

  • Sources:

    WhAm 4:467; Williams Coll. Archives.

  • Author: Ward W. Briggs, Jr.