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HUGILL, William Meredith

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  • Date of Birth: February 27, 1894
  • Born City: Mount Elgin
  • Born State/Country: ON
  • Parents: Mark Burgon & Florence Annie Wilson H.
  • Date of Death: August 17, 1983
  • Death City: Winnipeg
  • Death State/Country: MB
  • Education:

    B.A. Univ. Coll., U. Toronto, 1916; Dipl. Fac. Educ. U. Toronto, 1917; Ph.D. U. Chicago, 1935.

  • Dissertation:

    “Panhellenism in Aristophanes” (Chicago, 1935); printed (Chicago, 1937).

  • Professional Experience:

    Class, mstr. Collegiate Inst. (Moose Jaw, Sask.), 1917-20; asst. prof, to prof, class. U. Manitoba, 1920-62; dept. head, 1955-61; pres. Manitoba Educ. Assn., 1958; pres. CAC, 1960-2.

  • Publications:

    “The Last Appeal of Aristophanes,” Manitoba Essays, ed. R. C. Lodge (Toronto, 1937), 190-219; “The Condition of the Streets in Ancient Athens and in Ancient Rome,” CW 24 (1930-1) 162-4.

  • Notes:

    Hugill's scholarship did not advertise itself in books and articles. Fired by inspirational teaching by the Chicago battery of Bonner, Laing, Prescott, Shorey, Gertrude Smith, and Ullman, “Will” was the very model of a dedicated teacher and scholar, genuinely interested in his students and graduates and their constant reference for assistance and counsel. A thorough guide and interpreter, able to stimulate and inspire good students, infinitely patient with the slow learners and the plodders, a congenial colleague, always concerned with the provision of proper Latin teaching in Manitoba's schools, Hugill engendered respect and love for his paternal kindliness, his warm-hearted genial nature, and his exemplary nobility of spirit.

  • Sources:

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  • Author: Alexander G. McKay