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HULLEY, Karl Kelchner

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  • Date of Birth: April 11, 1898
  • Born City: Factoryville
  • Born State/Country: PA
  • Date of Death: January 24, 1983
  • Death City: Boulder
  • Death State/Country: CO
  • Married: Helen Levering Benson, 12 July 1922.
  • Education:

    A.B. Bucknell, 1918; A.M. Harvard, 1927; Ph.D., 1941; Litt. D. Bucknell, 1957; D. Hum. Broaddus Coll. (Philippi, WV), 1971.

  • Dissertation:

    “Hieronymus quatenus artem criticam noverit” (Harvard, 1941).

  • Professional Experience:

    Registrar, instr. Lat. Broaddus Coll. (Philippi, WV), 1919-26; instr. to prof, class. U. Colorado, 1927-66; actng. chair dept. class., 1943-5, 46-7; chair, 1947-9, 1951-3, 1955-7; 1959-61; ed. U. Colorado Press, 1947-63.

  • Publications:

    “Light Cast by St. Jerome on Certain Palaeographical Points,” HSCP 54 (1943) 83-92; “Principles of Textual Criticism Known to St. Jerome,” HSCP 55 (1944) 87-109; “Intensive Language Courses: Their Bearing on Teaching the Classics,” CJ 40 (1945-6) 194-7; “The Oresteia-Story in the Odyssey,” with Edward F. D'Arms, TAPA 77 (1946) 207-13, repr. in Homer's Odyssey: a Critical Handbook, ed. Conny Nelson (Belmont, CA, 1969); “The Prologue of the Ecclesiazusae,” CW 46 (1952-3) 129-31; Ovid's Metamorphosis Englished, Mythologized, and Represented in Figures by George Sandys, ed. with Stanley T. Vandersall (Lincoln, NE, 1970); “A Note on Aristophanes' Clouds, 804-813,” C/68 (1973-4) 223-5.Festschrift: Mnemai. Classical Studies in Honor of Karl K. Hulley (Chico, CA, 1984).

  • Notes:

    Hulley was a productive member of the faculty of the University of Colorado for 40 years. His contributions and activities were many: frequent service as chair of the department, exacting and popular teacher of advanced Latin and Greek courses, liaison with high schools, editor and chair of the Board of Directors of the University of Colorado Press during its formative years, avid traveler to the Mediterranean area and frequent participant in the programs of the Vergilian Society (of which he was a trustee), and champion tennis player locally. His long tenure and achievements were honored by the establishment of the Hulley Lecture Series and the publication of a memorial volume.

  • Sources:

    WhWh 1976-7:1532.

  • Author: Harold D. Evjen