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JONES, Roger Miller

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  • Date of Birth (YYYY-MM-DD): 1886-06-21
  • Born City: Newark
  • Born State/Country: OH
  • Parents: J. B. Jones & wife.
  • Date of Death (YYYY-MM-DD): 1932-07-22
  • Death City: Pyramid Lake
  • Death State/Country: NV
  • Married: Fern L. Rives, 21 May 1921.
  • Education:

    A.B. Denison U., 1905; Ph.D. U. Chicago, 1912.

  • Professional Experience:

    Instr. Gk. & Lat. Tulane, 1912-3; instr. class. Grinnell Coll., 1913-8; instr. to asso. prof. U. California, 1918-31; Francis White prof. Gk. Johns Hopkins, 1931-2.

  • Dissertation:

    "The Platonism of Plutarch" (Chicago, 1912); printed (Menasha, WI, 1916).

  • Publications:

    "Note on Plutarch's Moralia 720C," CP 7 (1912) 76-7; "Chalcidius and Neo-Platonism," CP 13 (1918) 194-210; "Posidonius and Cicero's Tusculan Disputations i.17-81," CP 18 (1923) 202-28; "Posidonius and the Flight of the Mind through the Universe," CP 21 (1926) 97-113; "The Ideas as Thoughts of God," CP 21 (1926) 317-26; "Notes on Porphyry's Life of Plotinus," CP 23 (1928) 371-6; "Incommensurable Numbers and the Epinomis," AJP 53 (1932) 61-6; "Posidonius and Solar Eschatology," CP 27 (1932) 113-35.

  • Notes:

    Roger Jones was an excellent teacher of Greek and Latin and learned in ancient Greek philosophy, to which his scholarly writing was devoted. His articles on Posidonius opposed Karl Reinhardt's thesis, which magnified Posidonius' influence on later Platonism and Stoicism. Jones inherited Shorey's view of the unity of Plato's thought, and in his turn had a great influence upon Harold Cherniss, his most illustrious student. In his later years he turned his attention to Plotinus and Neo-Platonism, but before his early death he had only published only one short article on the subject. He was also much interested in the comparative grammar of Greek and Latin and taught a graduate course in this subject.

  • Sources:

    Dennison Coll. archives; Fontenrose, 47-9.

  • Author: Joseph Fontenrose