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MCDANIEL, Walton Brooks

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  • Date of Birth: March 04, 1871
  • Born City: Cambridge
  • Born State/Country: MA
  • Parents: Samuel W. & Georgianna F. McD.
  • Date of Death: September 16, 1978
  • Death City: Camden
  • Death State/Country: NJ
  • Married: Alice C. Garlichs, 2 Aug. 1899; Helen Celemia Stock (Mrs. Herbert W. Brown), 1950.
  • Education:

    A.B. Harvard, 1893; A.M., 1894, Ph.D., 1899; study at Berlin & Paris.

  • Dissertation:

    "De quibusdam Hymnorum Homericorum locis corruptis coniecturae" (Harvard, 1899); printed in part as "Conjectural Emendations of the Homeric Hymns," HSCP 11 (1900) 73-91.

  • Professional Experience:

    Asst. class. Harvard, 1896-97; instr. Gk. & Lat., 1899-1901; instr. Gk. & Lat. Radcliffe, 1900-1; instr. to prof. Lat. lang. & lit. U. of Pennsylvania, 1901-37; asso. ed. CW, 1913-35; ann. prof. AAR, 1920-1; pres. APA, 1920-21; mem. APS.

  • Publications:

    "Some Passages Concerning Ball-Games," TAPA 37 (1906) 121-34; "Catullus II," CQ 2 (1908) 166-9; "Bauli, the Scene of the Murder of Agrippina," CQ 4 (1910) 96-102; "Research and the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy," CW 5 (1911-2) 114-9; "The Ferentinum of Horace," TAPA 43 (1912) 67-72; "The Abuse of Fire," CW 7 (1913-4) 121-5, 129-32; "Some Greek, Roman and English Tityretus," AJP 35 (1914) 52-66; "Pliny's Villa 'Comedy'," Art & Archaeology 2 (1914) 111-20; "Agragopolis, Island-Home of Ancient Lotus-Eaters," TAPA 45 (1914) 29-34; Vergil and the Bay of Naples, U. of Pennsylvania Lectures, vol. 2 (Philadelphia, 1915) 211-42; "The Pupula Duplex and Other Tokens of an 'Evil Eye' in the Light of Ophthalmology," CP 13 (1918) 335-46; "Reminders of Ancient Life in Modern Italy," // Carroccio 8,6 (1918) 574-9; "The So-Called Athlete's Ring," AJA 22 (1918) 295-303; "A Professorship in the Amenities of Life," Educ. Rev. 65 (1923) 10-14; "The Holiness of the Dischi Sacri," AJA 28 (1924) 24-46; Roman Private Life and Its Survivals (Boston, 1924); "Roman Dinner Garments," CP 20 (1925) 268-70; Guide for the Study of English Books on Roman Private Life (New York, 1926); "The Profession of Teaching," Educational Outlook 1 (1926) 15-8; "Basilica Aemilia," AJA 32 (1928) 155-78; "Some Phases of, Roman Social Usages," In Studies Rolfe, 213-38; "Some Roman Remedies in Italian Medicine," Trans. & Stud. Coll. Phys. Phil. 4th ser. 12 (1944) 72-87; Conception, Birth and Infancy in Ancient Rome and Modern Italy (Coconut Grove, FL, 1948); "The Medical and Magical Significance in Ancient Medicine of Things Connected with Reproduction," Jour. Hist. Med. 3 (1948) 525-46.

  • Notes:

    Walton Brooks McDaniel's chief interest in the classical field was the private life of the ancient Romans, its survival in modern Italy, and its relationship to the life of the Greeks. This interest was the inspiration of his many trips abroad and his wide travel in Italy. He taught and published also in the fields of Roman ethics, Latin textual criticism, Roman art, and the earliest Latin literature concerned with Christianity. Interest in the pedagogy of his subject led McDaniel to serve as associate editor of Classical Weekly, to teach for many years a half-course in the School of Education of the University of Pennsylvania, and to publish books and articles on the subject. A lifelong interest in medicine, superstition, and medical folklore, stimulated by contact and, in some cases, close friendship with leaders in the study of psychic phenomena, led to publications on these subjects.In 1943 McDaniel presented to Harvard University the Alice Corinne McDaniel Collection of Roman antiquities, in memory of his wife, who had died in that year. He had met Alice Corinne Garlichs when they were students together in Berlin, and they were married in 1899. He instituted the Collection "in special recognition of the fortitude and cheerfulness with which she shared in the hardships of rural travel in all parts of Italy and Sicily, as her husband's companion and supporter in his unusual pursuits." Today the Collection, displayed in the Smyth Classical Library of Widener Library, consists of McDaniel's personal collection, recent acquisitions from the McDaniel Fund, the remains of a former departmental collection, and gifts from other individuals. This diversified and extensive collection serves to illustrate Roman private life and the survival of ancient beliefs in modern Italy.In a letter acknowledging the first copy of his memoir Riding a Hobby he adverted on the cover, which displays the god Men riding a horse (a terracotta from the McDaniel Collection), and remarked, "Men is a good likeness of me in my prime, and the crescent's wings behind his shoulders should remind my readers of the angelic virtues that have always characterized my career and personal character."

  • Sources:

    HSCP 76 (1972) xi-xvii (with portr. & full biblio.); McDaniel, Riding a Hobby in the Classic Lands (Cambridge, 1971); NYTimes (6 Nov. 1978) 57; WhAm 5:477.

  • Author: George P. Goold