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MITCHEL, Fordyce Wood

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  • Date of Birth: July 03, 1922
  • Born City: Memphis
  • Born State/Country: TN
  • Parents: Henry Gaston, Jr., & Gaea Flyte Wood M
  • Date of Death: January 15, 1986
  • Death City: Columbia
  • Death State/Country: MO
  • Married: Marguerite E. McClelland, 31 Jan. 1947.
  • Education:

    A.B., A.M. Yale, 1944; Ph.D., 1954.

  • Dissertation:

    "An investigation of the Chronological Systems used by Herodotus" (Yale, 1954).

  • Professional Experience:

    Instr. class. Yale, 1945-8; asst. prof, class. Vanderbilt U., 1948-53; assoc. prof. Gk. Randolph-Macon Woman's Coll., 1954-60; prof, class., 1961-4; chair dept. 1963-4; ann. prof. ASCSA, 1964-5; prof, class. & chair dept. U. Missouri, 1965-7; prof, hist., 1968-86; vis. prof, class. & hist. & Louise Taft Semple mem. lctr., U. Cincinnati, 1967-8; E. T. Newell fell. Am. Numis. Soc, 1945; vis. prof. ASCSA, 1972-3.

  • Publications:

    "Herodotos' Use of Genealogical Chronology," Phoenix 10 (1956) 48-69; "Megacles," TAPA 88 (1957) 127-30; "The Cadet Colonels of the Ephebic Corps," TAPA 92 (1961) 347-57; "Demades of Paeania and IG IP.1493, 1494, 1495," TAPA 93 (1962) 213-29; "Derkylos of Hagnous and the Date of IG IP 1187," Hesperia 33 (1964) 337-51; "A Note on IG IP 370," Phoenix 18 (1964) 13-7; "The Athenian Plague: New Evidence Inviting Medical Comment," GRBS 5 (1964) 101-12; "Athens in the Age of Alexander," G&R 12 (1965) 189-204; Lykourgan Athens, 338-322, Semple lctrs., 2d ser. (Cincinnati, 1970); "Three Bars or Four?," $6poq. Tribute to Benjamin Dean Meritt, ed. D. W. Bradeen & M. F. McGregor (Locust Valley, NY, 1974) 107-9; "The So-Called Earliest Ephebic Inscription," ZPE 19 (1975) 233-43; "Timanthes the Metic and the Hermokopidai," AncW3 (1980) 43; "The Nellos (IG IP 43 B 35-8)," Chiron 11 (1981) 73-7; "The Assessment of the Allies in the Second Athenian League," EMC 28 (1984) 23-37; "The Rasura in IG IP 43. Jason, the Pheraian Demos and the Athenian League," AncW 9 (1984) 39-58; "The Number of Ecclesiai in Fourth-Century Athens," with M. H. Hansen, SO 59 (1984) 13-9; "An Ephebic Dedication of 334/3 Reconsidered," AncW9 (1984) 114-8.

  • Notes:

    Fordyce Mitchel, known to his friends simply as "Mitch," was a well-trained, excellent teacher, especially influenced during his career by A. Raubitschek, J. A. O. Larsen, and B. D. Meritt. His research interests centered on fourth-century topics, although he contributed to a much wider range of discussion. He was best known for his work on the period of the financial administration of Lycurgus, and his discussions with O. Reinmuth and M. Mitsos about ephebic corps. One of his longest continuing interests concerned the epigraphic records of the Athenian navy, the catalogl navalium. His untimely death precluded his seeing to completion the large cooperative project of the re-publication with commentary of all pertinent naval documents, including the more recently discovered fragments from the Agora excavations, to which he had made significant contributions.

  • Sources:

    DAS 82H:524; Yale University archives.

  • Author: Donald R. Laing