• Date of Birth: 1891-05-21
  • Born City: Hartford
  • Born State/Country: CT
  • Parents: James William & Carrie Delcina Case N.
  • Date of Death: 1978-12-21
  • Death City: Hanover
  • Death State/Country: NH
  • Married: Ruth Louise Comes, 5 Apr. 1917; Elly Olesen, 1 July 1950; Dr. Eugenie Bilfinger, 3 Sept. 1959.
  • Education:

    A.B. Yale, 1912; Ph.D. 1916; study at Göttingen, 1912-4.

  • Dissertation:

    "The Life and Works of Publius Rutilius Rufus" (Yale, 1916).

  • Professional Experience:

    Instr. Gk. & Lat. Yale, 1915-8; Lat. tchr. Roxbury Sen. (Cheshire, CT), 1918-9; asst. prof, to prof. Gk. Dartmouth, 1919-38; Lawrence prof. Gk., 1938-59.

  • Publications:

    Selections from the Ancient Greek Historians in English (New York, 1939)

  • Notes:

    Royal C. Nemiah developed a love of Germany during study at Göttingen, cut off by impending war. So cherished was his view of German life before World War I that he publicly denounced Hitler in numerous speeches long before America entered World War II. At Dartmouth he taught a full range of classics courses and German for 40 years, wrote encyclopedia entries on classical authors and subjects, and edited a collection of the historians that enjoyed popularity in classical literature and civilization courses. He believed strongly in the ethical value of teaching and said, "The ultimate end of the teacher is to enable men to arm themselves to make decisions with courage and to face life with nobility."

  • Sources:

    Dartmouth Alumni Magazine (June 1959); DAS 1972:335; Valley News (21 Dec. 1978); WhWh 1952-3:1790.

  • Author: Ward W. Briggs, Jr.