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NORWOOD, Gilbert

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  • Date of Birth: November 23, 1880
  • Born City: Ecclesall Bierlow, Sheffield
  • Born State/Country: England
  • Parents: Leonard, a draper's traveler, & Helen Mary Dutton N.
  • Date of Death: October 18, 1954
  • Death City: Toronto
  • Death State/Country: Canada
  • Married: Elizabeth Hepburn; Frances Ould.
  • Education:

    B.A. Cambridge (St. John's Coll.), 1903; M.A. 1906; fell., 1906-9; D.Litt. U. Wales, 1933.

  • Professional Experience:

    Asst. lctr. class. U. Manchester, 1903-8; prof. Gk. Univ. Coll., Cardiff, Wales, 1908-26; prof. Lat. Univ. Coll., U. Toronto, 1926-8; prof, class. & dir. class, stud., 1928-51; fell. RSC, 1943; Sather prof., 1943-4; vis. prof. U. Chicago, 1944-5.

  • Publications:

    Vergil, Georgics I, IV, with F. G. Plaistowe (London, n.d.); Euripides, Andromache (London, 1906); The Riddle of the Bacchae, U. Manchester Publ. Class. Ser. 1 (Manchester & London, 1908); Plautus, Mostellaria (trans.) (Manchester, 1908); Euripides, Iphigenia at Aulis (Manchester, 1909); Aristophanes, Acharnians (Oxford, 1911); Greek Tragedy (London & Boston, 1920; 4th ed. rev., 1948); Euripides and Shaw, with Other Essays (London & Boston, 1921); The Art of Terence (Oxford, 1923); The Writers of Greece (London, 1925; Span, trans, by E. M. M. Amador [Barcelona, 1928]); Greek Comedy (London, 1931; Boston, 1932; 1950); The Syntax of the Latin Gerund and Gerundive (Toronto, 1932); Plautus and Terence (New York & London, 1932); Pindar, Sather Lectures 19 (Berkeley & Los Angeles, 1945); Essays on Euripidean Drama (Berkeley & Los Angeles, 1954); many articles. Bibliography: Studies in Honour of Gilbert Norwood, ed. Mary E. White, Phoenix Suppl. 1 (Toronto, 1952) xi-xvii. Kleine Schriften: Spoken in Jest (Toronto, 1938).

  • Notes:

    Norwood's Cantabrigian background (imparted by Sir John Sandys and Sir Richard Jebb and, indirectly, by A. W. Verrall) and his rich humanity infused new life into Toronto's somewhat creaky "Oxonian" system. E. T. Owen, C. N. Cochrane, and M. D. C. Tait were his spirited colleagues. Norwood had attained distinction as published scholar before his arrival at Toronto. His Canadian products—revisions of earlier works and two new major studies of Pindar and Euripides—were models of scholarship, pointing new directions in criticism, matching perceptive study of imagery with acute understanding of the ancient texts. His Sather lectures signaled a new ascendancy for classical studies at Toronto. His lectures and seminars on Pindar, Euripides, and Terence were occasions for vibrant wit and uproarious laughter, for scholarly gibes and deep emotion, for erudition on parade and inspired teaching.

  • Sources:

    Alumni Cantabrigienses, ed. J.A. Venn (Cambridge, Eng., 1951) 4:569; CanWW 1952-4:807; MacDCB 78:621; A. S. P. Woodhouse in University College: A Portrait 1853-1953, ed. C. T. Bissell (Toronto, 1953) 65-7; idem, PRSC ser. 3, 49 (1955) 117-21.

  • Author: Alexander G. McKay