• Date of Birth: August 23, 1879
  • Born City: Howard Co.
  • Born State/Country: MD
  • Parents: Richard Lowndes & Fanny D. Knight 0
  • Date of Death: May 25, 1964
  • Death City: Minneapolis
  • Death State/Country: MN
  • Married: Anetta Ione Fleming, 14 June 1904.
  • Education:

    A.B. Johns Hopkins, 1902; Ph.D., 1907.

  • Dissertation:

    "Folk-Lore and Religious Uses of the Medicinal Herbs in Marcus Porcius Cato's De Agri Cultura" (Johns Hopkins, 1907).

  • Professional Experience:

    Asst. prof, to prof. Lat. U. Vermont, 1907-25; prof, class, langs. & chair dept. Ohio State U., 1925-34; prof.-in-chge. sch. class, stud. AAR, 1931-4; prof, class, langs. & chair dept. U. Minnesota, 1934-47; pres. APA, 1942-3; mem. counc. AAR, 1936-47; ed. Century College Latin Series.

  • Publications:

    "The Laurel in Ancient Religion and Folk-Lore," AJP 31 (1910) 287-311; "The House-Door in Greek and Roman Religion and Folk-Lore," AJP 32 (1911) 251-71; "The Classical Origin and Tradition of Literary Conceits," AJP 34 (1913) 125-52; "Molle atque Facetum, Hor. Sat. I, 10, 44," AJP 37 (1916) 327-32; "The Stag-Messenger Episode," AJP 37 (1916) 387-416; "The Lover's Blindness," AJP 41 (1920) 240-52; "Horace, Epistle I, 19, 28-9," AJP 43 (1922) 55-61; Master Walter Map's Book, De Nugis Curialium (Courtiers' Trifles), trans, with Frederick Tupper (London, 1924); "On Some Theories Concerning the Composition of the Aeneid," AJP 45 (1924) 260-75; English and Latin, A Manual of Prose Composition (New York & London, 1926); Rodulfi Tortarii Carmina, ed. with Dorothy M. Schullian (Rome, 1933).

  • Notes:

    Marbury B. Ogle studied Sanskrit with Bloomfield, Latin with Kirby Smith, and Greek with Gildersleeve. Such training produced an unusually well-rounded figure, who claimed as his province "the tradition of classical languages and literatures." He taught a full range of subjects at Vermont, Ohio State, and Minnesota. His specialty remained the subject on which he wrote his dissertation, Roman folklore. At Vermont he formed a working partnership with Frederick Tupper that produced a translation of Map's De nugis Curialium, with its many folk tales. At Minnesota he chaired the new Department of Classics (created by combining the departments of Greek and Latin) and began the program in Comparative Philology and Linguistics. He expanded the program, enlarged the holdings of the library, and began one of the country's first courses on general linguistics.

  • Sources:

    U. Minnesota Senate Minutes (45 Feb. 1965) 69-70; WhAm 6:309.

  • Author: Ward W. Briggs, Jr.