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PACKARD, Lewis Richard

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  • Date of Birth: August 22, 1836
  • Born City: Philadelphia
  • Born State/Country: PA
  • Parents: Friedrich Adolphus P. & wife
  • Date of Death: October 26, 1884
  • Death City: New Haven
  • Death State/Country: CT
  • Education:

    A.B. Yale, 1856; Ph.D., 1863; study at Berlin, 1857-8.

  • Professional Experience:

    Tutor to prof. Gk. Yale, 1859-66; Hillhouse Prof. Gk., 1866-84; pres. APA, 1880-1; dir. ASCSA, 1883-4.

  • Publications:

    "On Some Points in the Life of Thucydides," TAPA 4 (1873) 47-59; "On a Passage in Homer's Odyssey (x.81-86)," TAPA 5 (1873) 31-41; "On Grote's Theory of the Structure of the Iliad," TAPA 7 (1876) 24-45; "Notes on Certain Passages in the Phaedo and the Gorgias of Plato," TAPA 8 (1877) 5-17; "The Beginning of a Written Literature in Greece," TAPA 11 (1880) 34-51; "Geddes's Problem of the Homeric Poems," AJP 1 (1880) 32-44; Morality and Religion of the Greeks (New Haven, 1881; abstr. at PAPA 12 [1881] 7-9); Studies in Greek Thought: Essays Selected from the Papers of Lewis R. Packard (Boston, 1886).

  • Notes:

    Lewis Richard Packard intended to study for the ministry but a visit to Greece in 1858, following a year at Berlin, turned him to classics. Named professor of Greek in 1863 at age 27, he succeeded Hadley at Yale and was preeminently a teacher of Greek language, literature, and culture. He and J. W. White initiated the "College Series of Greek Authors," but his place as editor was taken by T. D. Seymour. His contributions to scholarship were in the main in the form of articles in the learned periodicals; he wrote one important book, Morality and Religion of the Greeks, and was instrumental in helping launch the American School at Athens, serving on its original managing committee and, succeeding Goodwin, as its second director. He had suffered chronic illness from the age of 35, went to Athens as director of the American School in a weakened condition and died shortly after his return.

  • Sources:

    Bull. AIA (1885) 7-9; Sandys, 463-4; T. D. Seymour, JAW (1884) 68-70; J. W. White, Bull. Am. Sch. Athens 2 (1885) 7-9; WhAmHS 461.

  • Author: Meyer Reinhold