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PARRY, Adam Milman

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  • Date of Birth: February 01, 1928
  • Born City: near Paris
  • Born State/Country: France
  • Parents: Milman, a classicist, & Marian Thanhouser P.
  • Date of Death: June 04, 1971
  • Death City: Colmar
  • Death State/Country: France
  • Married: Barbara Pfeiffer, 22 Oct. 1948; Anne Reinberg Amory, 11 Apr. 1966.
  • Education:

    B.A. Berkeley, 1949; A.M. Harvard, 1950; Ph.D., 1957; Fulbright fell. (Paris), 1950-1.

  • Dissertation:

    "Λόγος and ἒργον in Thucydides" (Harvard, 1957).

  • Professional Experience:

    Instr. class. Amherst, 1952-5; instr. to asst. prof, class. Yale, 1955-60; asst. prof, class. Harvard, 1960-1; asso. prof, class. Amherst, 1961-2; asso. prof, to prof, class. Yale, 1962-71; chair dept., 1968-71; Morse fell., Yale.

  • Publications:

    Articles marked with an asterisk (*) are not reprinted in The Language of Achilles and Other Papers (Oxford, 1989). "The Language of Achilles," TAPA 87 (1956) 1-7; "Landscape in Greek Poetry," YCS 15 (1957) 3-29; "Thucydides 1.11.2," AJP 79 (1958) 283-5; *"War and Civilization in Thucydides" (résume), BICS 6 (1959) 77-8; "Sophocles Oedipus Rex 1271-1274," CQ 10 (1960) 268-70; "What Can We Do to Homer?" (rev. of R. Graves, The Anger of Achilles), The Fat Abbott (Autumn 1960) 52-9; "Introduction" in Bacchylides. Complete Poems, trans. R. Fagles (New Haven, 1961), xv-xxiv; "Shakespeare and History" (rev. of Tom E. Driver, The Sense of History in Greek and Shakespearean Drama), Yale Review (Summer 1961) 603-10; "Homer. The Odyssey" (rev. of R. Fitzgerald's Odyssey), The Fat Abbott (Winter 1962) 48-57; "The Two Voices of Virgil's Aeneid," Anon 2 (1963) 66-80; "A Note on the Origins of Teleology," JHI26 (1965) 259-62; "Have We Homer's Iliad!," YCS 20 (1966) 175-216; *Homeric Studies, ed. with G. S. Kirk, YCS 20 (1966); "Classical Philology and Literary Criticism," Ventures (Spring 1967) 30-4; "Herodotus and Thucydides" (rev. of E. de Sélincourt, Herodotus and Rex Warner's Thucydides) Arion (Autumn 1968) 409-16; "The Language of Thucydides' Description of the Plague," BICS 16 (1969) 106-18; "Thucydides' Use of Abstract Language," Yale French Stud. 45 (1970) 3-20; The Making of Homeric Verse: The Collected Papers of Milman Parry (ed.) (Oxford, 1971; repr. Salem, NH, 1980); "Language and Characterization in Homer," HSCP 76 (1972) 1-22; "Thucydides' Historical Perspective," YCS 22 (1972) 47-61; "The Idea of Art in Virgil's Georgics," Arethusa 5 (1972) 35-52; Studies in Fifth-Century Thought and Literature (ed.), YCS 22 (1972). Festschrift: Studies in the Greek Historians: In Memory of Adam Parry, YCS 24 (Cambridge, Eng., 1975).

  • Notes:

    Parry was a gifted literary critic, and because he was well read in European literature, he could place the literature of antiquity into a larger context. He was also interested in the history of ideas, which allowed him to look at antiquity as part of a larger continuum. Because Parry's publication record during his lifetime was meager and because his career was cut short (he and his wife were killed when the motorcycle they were riding collided with a motorbus), it is a commonplace to say that his obvious intelligence, great charm, and good looks have secured him his place in the mythology of Anglo-American classicists. Yet he will undoubtedly continue to appear in anthologies and bibliographies because of two articles, "The Language of Achilles" and "The Two Voices of Virgil's Aeneid," as well as the introduction to his father's papers.

  • Sources:

    E. A. Havelock, YCS 24 (1975) ix-xv; G. S. Kirk, Gnomon 44 (1972) 426-8; H. Lloyd-Jones, introduction to The Language of Achilles and Other Papers, v-xi; NYTimes (11 June 1971) 38.

  • Author: Charles R. Beye