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REXINE, John Efstratios

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  • Date of Birth: June 06, 1929
  • Born City: Boston
  • Born State/Country: MA
  • Parents: John & Athena Glekas R.
  • Date of Death: October 23, 1993
  • Death City: Hamilton
  • Death State/Country: NY
  • Married: Elaine Lavrakas, 16 June 1957
  • Education:

    A.B. Harvard, 1951; A.M. 1953; Danforth Fell., 1959-60; Ph.D., 1964.

  • Dissertation:

    “The Unity of Authorship in Hesiod’s Theogony and Works and Days” (Harvard, 1964); HSCP 70 (1965) 269-270.

  • Professional Experience:

    Fulbright Scol. ASCSA, 1951-52; summer fell., Am. Numis. Soc. , 1955; res. Asst. inst. Class. Stud., Harvard, 1954-55; acting instr. humanities, Brandeis U., 1955-56; instr. 1956-57; instr, classics, Colgate U, 1957-60; asst. prof. 1960-64; assoc. pro. 1964-68; prof. 1968-92; Charles A. Dana Prof. Classics, 1977-92; dir., Colgate-IBM Corp Institute Liberal Arts Programs for Executives, 1969-71, 1978, 1979, 1981-86;dir., Div. Humanities, 1972-84; dir. Div. Univ. Studies, 1969-72;   Assoc. Dean Faculty, 1973-7; Actng Dean Faculty, 1977-78; chair class. Dept., 1964-73; Asian Stud. Fell., 1965-66; contrib. ed. Hellenic Chronicle, 1952-93; mem. Bd. Trustees, Greek Orthodox Theol Sch., 1955-57; mnging ed., Greek Orthodox Theol Rev., 1959-60; assoc. ed., 1960-67; bk. Rev. ed., Athene, 1957-67; Orthodox Observer, 1957-72; bk. Rev. columnist, 1972-87;assoc. ed. Diakonia, 1971-84, 1986-93; ed. Bd., CML, 1985-93;asst. ed. Helios, 1976-79; ed. CO, 1977-79; bk rev. ed., class. & mod. Gk., MLJ, 1977-79; contrib. ed., Greek Accent, 1983-88; ed. Bd., Journal of Modern Hellenism, 1984-85; trustee, Eta Sigma Phi, 1977-93; vis. prof. Greek Coll. Year in Athens, fall 1972-73; vice pres. Inst. Byz. Modern Greek Studies, 1974-93; Helicon Phoutrides Gold Medal, 1963; Litt.D., Hellenic Coll/Holy Cross Greek Ortthodox School of Theology, 1981; Lic. Theological (hon.) Center Traditionalist Orthodox Studies, 1986.  

  • Publications:

    Solon and his Political Theory (1958) “Homer and the Eternity of Man,” CB 34 (1958) 25-27; Religion in Plato and Cicero (New York: Philos. Libr., 1959; rev. wit  A. Kazamias, P. Nash, & H. Perkinson, 1968) [REVS: CW LIII 1960 163 Cavarnos CB XXXIX 1962 14 Cavarnos]; “Theologies of Epicurus and Lucretius,” CB 37 (1961) 51-54; “The Book of Job as a Greek Tragedy,” Athene (Paris Chicago) 33, 1 (1962); “Six Studies in Greek Religion,” CB 39 (1963) 44-46; The Educated Man with T. Spelios & H.J. Psomiades (1965) “Hesiod as a Thinker,” Kentucky Foreign Language Quarterly 12 (1965) 107-16; “Hesiod on Prometheus, Zeus and the Creation of Woman,” Athene (Chicago) 27, 2 (1966); “Centrality of Zeus in Hesiod,” CB 42 (1966) 37-39; A Pictorial History of Greece (1967); “Classical Mythology. Some Recent Titles,” CB 45 (1968) 1-5; “Atlantis, Fact or Fantasy?,” CB 51 (1975) 49-53; “The Nature and Meaning of Justice in Homer,” CB 54 (1977) 1-6; The Hellenic Spirit Byzantine and Post-Byzantine (1981); An Explorer of Realms of Art, Life, and Thought: The Works of Philosopher and Theologian Constantine Cavernos (1985);  “Daimon in Classical Greek Literature,” Platon 37 (1985) 29-52; "Moses Finley, Social Historian and Critic of the Ancient Greek and Roman Worlds,” Platon 38 (1986) 65-67; “Homer's Odyssey and Odysseus, II,” Φίλια ἔπη εἰς Γεώργιον Ε. Μυλωνᾶν δια τα 60 ἔτη τοῦ ἀνασκαφικοῦ του ἔργου,  Βιβλιοθ. τῆς ἐν Ἀθήναις ἀρχαιολ. Ἑταιρείας 103 (Athens, 1986-1989) 128-149. Kleine Schriften: The Hellenic Spirit. Byzantine and Post-Byzantine. Collected Essays (Belmont, MA: Inst. for Byz. & Modern Greek Stud., 1981) [ REVS: CB LXI 1985 92 Stertz].

  • Notes:

    After graduating from Harvard magna cum laude, John Rexine assumed his first teaching position at the then-new Brandeis University (1955-57) before gaining his doctorate. In 1957 he moved to Colgate University, where he remained for the rest of his career and rose to become Charles A. Dana professor of classics (1977), also acting as director of the Division of the Humanities and acting dean of the faculty. A native speaker of Greek, Rexine was always responsible to his heritage and served several organiza­tions and journals in the Greek-American world. He was book review editor for Athene and for the Orthodox Observer, a contributing editor of the Hellenic Chronicle, and managing editor of the Greek Orthodox Theological Review and Classical Outlook. He wrote in various journals some one thousand book reviews. He published two short books in the 1950s, but his most important work was on the Hellenic tradition in the Byzantine period and beyond. A selection of his papers in this field was pub­lished in 1981 (“The Hellenic Spirit, Byzantine and Post Byzantine”). Anyone wishing to do research on the history of Mt. Athos will have to consult his survey of books on its history (included in this anthology), which he wrote for the millennium of the founding of the Great Lavra. He also reviewed works on Byzantine history for the American Historical Review and other journals.His work ranged widely, reaching down even into modern literature (“The Wall of Palamas and Robert Frost,” 1979). Among the honors bestowed on him were a DLitt. from Hellenic College/Greek Orthodox School of Theology (1981), and a Fulbright fellowship (1979/80), which he held at the Gennadius Library. He was visiting professor for the College Year in Athens and was a famil­iar figure at the American School of Classical Studies and at the Athens Academy of Sciences. East Carolina University, where he helped to establish a classical program, recently made him adjunct professor—a testimony to his work for the classical tradition. He was also an Archon of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Con­stantinople. His career of teaching and writing brought the Hellenic message to many thousands outside the nar­row ranks of scholars. He was a beloved figure on the Col­gate campus and among his colleagues in philology on two continents. Rexine received a well deserved “Ovatio” exactly one year before his death at the meeting of the Classical Association of the Atlantic States, Poughkeepsie (see Classical World 86 [1992/3] 499).

  • Sources:

    APA Newsletter (December 1993) 26; Jerry Clack, CW 87,6 (July-August 1994) 481.

  • Author: Mortimer Chambers