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ROBINSON, Charles Alexander, Jr

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  • Date of Birth: March 30, 1900
  • Born City: Princeton
  • Born State/Country: NJ
  • Parents: Charles Alexander, princ. Peekskill Mil. Acad., & Sarah Sharpe Westcott R.
  • Date of Death: February 23, 1965
  • Death City: Providence
  • Death State/Country: RI
  • Married: Celia Sachs, 11 June 1927.
  • Education:

    A.B. Princeton, 1922; A.M., 1923; fell. ASCSA, 1923-5; AAR (Prix de Rome), 1925-6; John Harding Page fell, class. Princeton, 1926-7; M.A. (hon.) Brown, 1945.

  • Professional Experience:

    Instr. to prof, class. Brown, 1928-59; David Benedict prof, class., 1959-65; ann. prof. ASCSA, 1934-5, 1948, 1962; mng. comm., 1930-65; dir. summ. sess., 1959; res. fell. & vis. lctr. AAR, 1952; Martin lctr, 1963; mem. commn. for Excav. Ath. Agora; comm. on Agora Museum; excavated with ASCSA at Corinth, Nemea, Phlius, Prosymna.

  • Publications:

    "The Seer Aristander," AJP 50 (1929) 195-7; "When Did Alexander Reach the Hindu Kush?", AJP 51 (1930) 22-31; "Two Notes on the History of Alexander the Great," AJP 53 (1932) 353-9; The Ephemerides of Alexander's Expedition (Providence, RI, 1932); "Alexander the Great and the Barbarians," Studies Capps, 298-305; G. W. Botsford, Hellenic History, rev. Robinson (New York, 1939); "The Struggle for Power at Athens in the Early Fifth Century," AJP 60 (1939) 232-7; "Federal Unions," Greek Political Experience: Studies in Honor of William Kelly Prentice, ed. Norman T. Pratt (Princeton, 1941), 93-108; Alexander the Great (New York, 1947); Anthology of Greek Drama (New York, 1949); Ancient History from Prehistoric Times to the Death of Justinian (New York, 1951, 3d ed. with William G. Sinnigen, 1981); The History of Alexander the Great, 2 vols. (Providence, RI, 1953; repr. Millwood, NY, 1967-72); The Spring of Civilization (New York, 1954); Selections from the Greek and Roman Historians (New York, 1957); Athens in the Age of Pericles (Norman, OK, 1959); Alexander the Great: Conqueror and Creator of a New World (New York, 1963).

  • Notes:

    For more than 35 years Charles Alexander Robinson, Jr. inspired hosts of undergraduates and graduate students at Brown University (and Pembroke, its former women's college) with his lectures in Greek and Roman history, biography, and classical archaeology. Born of a long line of prominent educators, Robinson was skilled at arousing his students to exemplary performance in his courses and, at his encouragement, many of his students entered the classical profession as historians and archaeologists. He was a person of very strong allegiance to his profession, his colleagues, his students, the American School of Classical Studies and Brown University. Professor Robinson was a prolific publisher, and his numerous studies of Alexander the Great have been widely adopted in colleges and universities. Gifted with a provocative art in teaching and lecturing, perceptive of historical and archaeological trends of scholarship, conversant with the fine arts in all their forms and implications, Charles Alexander Robinson, Jr. was an inspiring figure, large in stature and outlook, enthusiastic in reflection and communication, concerned with his students and their future as citizens and professionals.

  • Sources:

    ConAu RI; NYTimes (24 Feb. 1965) 41; WhAm 4:800.

  • Author: John Rowe Workman