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ROBINSON, Edward Anthony

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  • Date of Birth: February 21, 1910
  • Born City: Saranac Lake
  • Born State/Country: NY
  • Parents: Anthony Bernard & Mary Ellen Finnegan R.
  • Date of Death: January 15, 1972
  • Death City: Summit
  • Death State/Country: NJ
  • Married: Maude Eva McSweeney, 7 Sept. 1939.
  • Education:

    Study at Notre Dame, 1927-30; A.B. Harvard, 1932; Corey traveling fell, at Trinity Coll. Cambridge, 1932-3; A.M., 1934; Bowdoin Prize Lat., 1935; Ph.D., 1950.

  • Dissertation:

    "The Date of Cicero's De Legibus" (Harvard, 1950).

  • Professional Experience:

    Asst. prof, to prof, class. Fordham, 1935-64; vis. prof. U. Illinois, 1946-7; chair class, langs. dept. Rutgers U. at Newark, 1964-72; ed. CW, 1952-68; Guggenheim fell., 1951-2.

  • Publications:

    “Cornelius Nepos and the Date of Cicero's De legibus,” TAPA 71 (1940) 524-31; "Did Cicero Complete the De Legibus?," TAPA 74 (1943) 109-12; “Notes on Laurand's Cicéron,” CW 39 (1945-6) 115-17 & 136; “The Date of Cicero's De legibus,” TAPA 77 (1946) 321-2; “Biennium praeteriit (Cicero, Att. XIII,12.3),” TAPA 80 (1949) 368-74; “The Date of Cicero's Brutus,” HSCP 60 (1951) 137-46; “The Date of Cicero's De legibus,” HSCP 60 (1951) 299-301; “A List of Classical Societies in the United States and Canada,” with E.E. Cochran & J.F. Reilly CW 48 (1955) 215-26; “The First Airlie House Conference on the Classics,” CW 58 (1965) 271-7.

  • Notes:

    Although known in the academic community for his work in Homer, Pindar, and Cicero, Robinson's enduring contribution to classical scholarship was his devotion to and development of Classical Weekly. In his first year at Fordham he assisted in the establishment of Fordham's Graduate Department of Classical Languages. His name would be associated with Fordham University for the remainder of his career, even though he later moved to Rutgers University. While at Fordham and Rutgers he was instrumental in the establishment of a Phi Beta Gamma chapter at each institution. On the 20th anniversary of his appointment to the Fordham Classics faculty he was awarded the Bene Merenti Medal for distinguished service. In all he served for 29 years at the University. Robinson's association with the Classical Weekly extended over a 19-year period. At his instigation the journal's name was changed from The Classical Weekly to The Classical World, thus preserving its acronym while at the same time reflecting the practicalities of post-war publishing. Without reducing the journal's size, Robinson established a more realistic monthly schedule for its production. As editor he instituted two features in the Classical World which have remained its trademark ever since. The first was a series of bibliographical surveys of recent work on the major classical authors and genres. During his tenure, 47 such surveys were issued. The second innovation was a series of Surveys of Audio-Visual Materials and Surveys of Archaeology. The audio-visual surveys have remained a permanent feature of CW.

  • Sources:

    CAAS Archives; Harvard University Alumni Records; James H. Reid, CW 65 (1971-2) 213, 215.

  • Author: Jerry Clack