• Date of Birth: June 17, 1938
  • Born City: London
  • Born State/Country: England
  • Parents: Roy Kenneth Campbell Rose a chartered accountant & wife.
  • Date of Death: October 28, 1967
  • Death City: Austin
  • Death State/Country: TX
  • Education:

    B.A. Oxford (Exeter Coll.), 1959; M.A., 1962; B. Litt., 1964.

  • Professional Experience:

    Tchr. Lat. & Gk. Kent Sch. (CT), 1962-4; asst. prof. U. Rochester, 1964-5; asst. prof, to asso. prof. U. Texas, 1965-7.

  • Publications:

    "Lucretius iii, 961-2," CR n.s. 9 (1959) 207; "Tacitus, Annals xv. 44, 3-8," CR n.s. 10 (1960) 195; "On Catalepton 5," RhM 104 (1961) 95; "The Author of the Satyricon," Latomus 20 (1961) 821-5; "The Date of the Satyricon," CQ n.s. 12 (1962) 166-8; "Time and Place in the Satyricon," TAPA 93 (1962) 402-9; "Petroniana," C&M 26 (1965 [1967]) 222-32; "Nero and Isodorus," CB 42 (1965) 12-3; "The Petronian Inquisition: An Auto da Fé," Arion 5.3 (1966) 275-301; "Smindyrides the Sybarite," CB 43 (1966) 27-8; "Greek Textbooks: A Note," Arion 5.3 (1966) 400; "Classics at Groton and Elsewhere," Latin Teaching 32.3 (1966) 139 ff.; "Petroniana," Latomus 26 (1967) 130-8; "De mero controversia iocosa," CO 45 (1967) 75; "Problems of Chronology in Lucan's Career," TAPA 97 (1966) 379-96; "Trimalchio's Accountant," CP 62 (1967) 258-9; "Petronius 62.9 Again," CP 62 (1967) 259; "Petroniana," RhM 111 (1968) 253-60; "Trimalchio's Zodiac Dish," with J.P. Sullivan, CQ 18 (1968) 180-4; The Date and Author of the Satyricon (Leiden, 1971); Translation: Latin Letters of Sir William Jones in The Works of Sir William Jones, ed. Garland Cannon (Oxford, 1968).

  • Notes:

    Kenneth Rose will be chiefly remembered for his definitive establishment of the date and authorship of Petronius' Satyricon and his investigations of other aspects of Neronian literature. His monograph on Petronius was published posthumously in 1968. His research on the text and explication of the Satyricon is contained in various published articles and in an extensive Nachlass to be incorporated in the text and commentary on Petronius being prepared by Gareth Schmeling and J. P. Sullivan, who had supervised Rose's B. Litt. thesis in Oxford. At Kent School he coached the school's wrestling and soccer teams, and proved himself an excellent teacher. The desire for research and library facilities induced him to move first to the University of Rochester and then a year later to the University of Texas to begin his collaboration on the text and translation of the Satyricon. His prolific output in the academic year 1966-67, which led to his promotion to associate professor, did not detract from his continuing devotion to teaching and his willingness to engage in the sporting and social life of his students. He was a great singer and collector of English comic songs, as well as an assiduous tennis and soccer player. His premature accidental death not only deprived the university of a dedicated teacher and an amusing colleague, but also the classical world of a scholar of great achievements and even greater promise.

  • Sources:

    Exeter College Records.

  • Author: J. P. Sullivan