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RYBERG, Inez Gertrude Scott

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  • Date of Birth: November 02, 1901
  • Born City: Grimes
  • Born State/Country: IA
  • Parents: William A. & Clara Ellen Hammond S.
  • Date of Death: September 15, 1980
  • Death City: Gainesville
  • Death State/Country: FL
  • Married: Milton E. Ryberg, 11 June 1930.
  • Education:

    A.B. U. Minnesota, 1921; A.M., 1921; Ph.D. U. Wisconsin, 1924.

  • Dissertation:

    "The Grand Style in the Satires of Juvenal" (Wisconsin, 1924); printed Smith Coll. Class. Stud. 8 (Northampton, MA, 1927).

  • Professional Experience:

    Instr. Lat. Wilson Coll. (Chambersburg, PA), 1922-3; fell. AAR, 1924-6; instr. Lat. Smith Coll., 1926-7; asst. prof, to prof. Lat. Vassar, 1927-61; Sarah Mills Raynor Prof. Lat., 1961-5; chair class, dept., 1942-9; 1952-65; pres. APA, 1961-2; chair adv. counc. AAR, 1946; Guggenheim fell., 1960-1; mem. APhS, 1963.

  • Publications:

    "Early Roman Traditions in the Light of Archaeology," MAAR 7 (1929) 77-118; "Evidence from Early Roman Religion Concerning the Growth of the City," TAPA 60 (1929) 221-8; "Was the Capitoline Triad Etruscan or Italic?," AJP 52 (1931) 145-56; An Archaeological Record of Rome from the Seventh to the Second Century B.C. (London & Philadelphia, 1940); "Tacitus' Art of Innuendo," TAPA 73 (1942) 383-404; "The Procession of the Ara Pads," MAAR 19 (1949) 77-101; Rites of the State Religion in Roman Art, MAAR 22 (Rome, 1955); "Vergil's Golden Age," TAPA 89 (1958) 112-31; "Clupeus Virtutis," Studies Caplan, 232-8; Panel Reliefs of Marcus Aurelius (New York, 1967).

  • Notes:

    Inez Ryberg was a challenging and revered teacher who inspired many students to choose scholarly careers. While fostering a distinguished classics program at Vassar she played a leadership role in numerous professional organizations, including, of course, the APA and the AAR. Her contributions in her principal fields of Roman religion, art, and archaeology are many and lasting. Above all, Rites of the State Religion in Roman Art is a work of basic and comprehensive scholarship which remains a point of reference for scholars in many fields. Her philological works, though fewer, have also proved of enduring value, in particular the 1927 monograph on Juvenal and the 1943 TAPA article on Tacitus.

  • Sources:

    WhAmW 1972:780.

  • Author: Helen H. Bacon