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SIHLER, Ernest Gottlieb

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  • Date of Birth: January 02, 1853
  • Born City: Ft. Wayne
  • Born State/Country: IN
  • Date of Death: January 07, 1942
  • Death City: Mt Vernon
  • Death State/Country: NY
  • Married: Emily Birkner, 5 Sept. 1881.
  • Education:

    A.B. Concordia Coll. (IN), 1869; study at Concordia Lutheran Sem. (St. Louis), 1869-72; study at Berlin & Leipzig, 1872-5; fell. Gk. Johns Hopkins, 1876-9; Ph.D., 1878; Litt.D. Lafayette Coll., 1915.

  • Dissertation:

    "Plato's Use of Metaphor and Comparison" (Johns Hopkins, 1878).

  • Professional Experience:

    Class, instr. New York, 1879-91; prof. Concordia Coll. (Milwaukee), 1891-2; prof. Lat. & lctr. Grad. Sch. NYU, 1892-1923.

  • Publications:

    A Complete Lexicon of the Latinity of Caesar's Gallic War (Boston 1891); New York University and Her Sons (Boston 1899); “Θετικώτερον,” AJP 23 (1902) 283-94; "The Collegium Poetarum at Rome," AJP 26 (1905) 1-21; "Serviana," AJP 31 (1910) 1-24; The Annals of Caesar, a Critical Biography with a Survey of the Sources (New York, 1911); Cicero of Arpinum: A Political and Literary Biography (New Haven, 1914); "Cicero: An Appreciation," AJP 35 (1914) 1-11; "Cicero, Caesar and Ferrero,' ibid., 379-99; 36 (1915) 19-43; Hellenic Civilization, with G. W. Botsford (New York, 1915); "Quintilian of Calagurris," AJP 41 (1920) 205-22; From Augustus to Augustine (Cambridge, Eng. 1923); "Strabo of Amaseia: His Personality and His Works," AJP 44 (1923) 134-44; "Polybius of Megalopolis," AJP 48 (1927) 38-81; "Anecdoton concerning Gottfried Hermann," AJP 54 (1933) 68-9.

  • Notes:

    E. G. Sihler was the first Ph.D. in philology from the Johns Hopkins University and a leading authority on Julius Caesar. His German training fit him well as a member of Gildersleeve's first class at Johns Hopkins, where he completed his dissertation on Plato's use of metaphor and comparison and became an early supporter of the American Philological Association, speaking at its 1876 meeting. Sihler is chiefly distinguished by his lexical and biographical works on Cicero and by his autobiography, which gives a full and engaging picture of the burgeoning of classical study in America in the latter part of the 19th century.

  • Sources:

    From Maumee to Thames and Tiber; the Life-Story of an American Classical Scholar (New York 1930); WhAm 1:1125.

  • Author: Ward W. Briggs, Jr.