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SWARTZ, Mifflin Wyatt

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  • Date of Birth: October 12, 1874
  • Born City: Winchester
  • Born State/Country: VA
  • Date of Death: September 05, 1964
  • Death City: Sunflower Co
  • Death State/Country: MS
  • Married: Gertrude Dora MacBrien, 21 or 22 May 1902.
  • Education:

    A.B., U. Virginia, 1897 (Phi Beta Kappa); A.M., U. Virginia, 1900, and John Y. Mason Fellow, 1899-1900; Ph.D., U. Virginia, 1910.

  • Dissertation:

    “The Personal and Dramatic Characteristics of the Old in the Drama of Euripides.” (Virginia, 1910); published by the Publication House of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Nashville, 1911.

  • Professional Experience:

    Instructor in English and History, Shenandoah Valley Academy, 1893-95; Professor of Greek and Latin, Fort Worth University, TX, 1900-1903; Professor of Greek and German, Milwaukee Academy, 1903-04; Professor of Greek and Latin, Millsaps College, Jackson, MI, 1904- teacher,  Graduate study, University of Chicago, 1907-09; President, Woman’s College of Alabama (now Huntingdon College), Montgomery AL, 1915-1922; Vice-President for Mississippi, Classical Association of the Middle West and South, 1908-09;1909-10; President of the Classical Association of Mississippi, 1908-10.

  • Publications:

    “A Tale of the Transvaal,” The Virginia Spectator: University of Virginia Magazine 60(Jan. 1900): 273-82; A Topical Analysis of the Latin Verb (Jackson, MS: Harmon Publishing Co.,  1905); “Ancient Languages or Modern?,” Southern Methodist Review (July, 1909): 505-18; “Our Craft and Its Uses,” Classical Association of Mississippi Meeting, April 30-May 1,” in J.J. Schlicher (ed.) “Reports from the Classical World,” CJ 5 (Nov. 1909): 41; “Seneca’s Correspondence with Paul,” Classical Association of Mississippi Meeting, Mississippi Educational Advance, 4(April, 1915): 4. Radio broadcast: “The Cause and the Remedy,” WJPR and WGRM, Greenwood and Indianola, MI, 11 March 1942.

  • Notes:

    Swartz acknowledged in the preface to his dissertation (p. ix) that he was “especially and profoundly indebted to”  Professor  Milton W. Humphreys, distinguished professor  of Greek at the University of Virginia from 1887-1912,  “for his kindness and inspiration to me thruout [sic] my entire work.”  At some point after 1922 Dr. Swartz  left academics to enter banking. He was involved with the  Southern Building and Loan Association and the Peoples’ Bank in Jackson, Indianola and Greenville, MS.

  • Sources:

    Bobashela Yearbook, Millsaps College (1910) p. 19; 126; 130; History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography (Chicago, 1921) vol. 4, p. 1639; Alabama Authors; Benario, Herbert, The Classical Association  of the Middle West and South: A History of the First Eighty Years, (Greenville, SC, 1989) 131; “Dinner is Given for Dr. Swartz,” Delta Democrat Times  (16 October 1959): p. 3.

  • Author: Michele Valerie Ronnick