• Date of Birth: October 19, 1901
  • Born City: Cloquet
  • Born State/Country: MN
  • Parents: Huntington & Jane Walker T
  • Date of Death: April 25, 1982
  • Death City: Langhorne
  • Death State/Country: PA
  • Education:

    B.A. Vassar, 1923; M.A. Yale, 1927; Ph.D. 1933; study at Munich, 1924-5; AAR, 1927-8.

  • Dissertation:

    "The Development of the 'Quod' Clause" (Yale, 1933).

  • Professional Experience:

    Tchr. Coeur D'Alene HS, 1923-4; Mrs. Day's School (New Haven, CT), 1925-7, 1931-2; instr. Lat. Mt. Holyoke, 1929-31, 1932-3; 1933-4; Baldwin Sch. (Bryn Mawr, PA), 1935-6; instr. to prof. Lat. Wellesley Coll., 1936-63; Helen J. Sanborn prof. Lat., 1963-7; pres. CANE, 1966-7.

  • Publications:

    "Progress and Primitivism in Lucretius," AJP 68 (1947) 180-94; "The Development of the Quod Clause," YCS 12 (1951) 229-49; "Primitivism in Virgil," AJP 76 (1955) 261-78; "Horace: Laudator Temporis Acti?," AJP 83 (1962) 23-43.

  • Notes:

    Margaret E. Taylor, known after college as "Peg," taught Latin at Wellesley College for 31 years. Her major research interests centered on the concept of progress and primitivism in Lucretius and Virgil, and the general intellectual life of Rome in the first century B.C. Reflecting her wide-ranging knowledge of ancient and later literature, Miss Taylor in 1941 developed and taught an interdisciplinary course at Wellesley entitled "Interpretations of Man in Western Literature," which influenced generations of undergraduates. She was active in several professional organizations and served as president of CANE. Her concern for strengthening the position of Latin in the secondary-school curriculum led to her chairmanships of the Committee on Latin Examinations and of the Advanced Placement Latin Examination Committee of the College Entrance Examination Board.

  • Sources:

    DAS 1969:401; M. Lefkowitz, Wellesley 66 A (1982) 40.

  • Author: Gloria S. Duclos