• Date of Birth: December 20, 1856
  • Born City: Winthrop
  • Born State/Country: ME
  • Parents: Jabez M. & Martha Ellen Webb W.
  • Date of Death: August 03, 1924
  • Death City: New York
  • Death State/Country: NY
  • Married: Alma F. Oyler, 28 June 1888.
  • Education:

    A.B. Yale, 1878; Ph.D., 1887.

  • Dissertation:

    "Studies on the Forms of Words in Petronius, together with an Introduction on his Identity" (Yale, 1887); used in Cena Trimalchionis, ed. Waters (Boston, 1902)

  • Professional Experience:

    Class, asst. Hughes HS (Cincinnati), 1880-3, 1888-90; tutor class. Yale, 1883-9; prof. Gk. & comp. philol. U. Cincinnati, 1890-4; prof. Gk. & pres. Wells Coll., 1894-1900; asso. prof, to prof. Gk. NYU, 1901-23; asst. sec. Coll. Entrance Exam. Bd., 1901-2.

  • Publications:

    An Inductive Greek Method, with William R. Harper (New York & Chicago, 1888); "An Horatian Gloss (C. 1.10)," TAPA 32 (1901) xcv-xcvi; Town Life in Ancient Italy, trans. of L. Friedländer, Stadtwesen in Italien im ersten Jahrhundert (Boston, 1902); Cena Trimalchionis of Petronius (Boston, 1902); "The Uses of the Preposition cum in Plautus," TAPA 33 (1902) lxxv-lxxvii; "On Iliad, ii.408," TAPA 36 (1905) xix-xx.

  • Notes:

    Waters was principally a teacher who devoted his considerable energy and intellectual resources to instructing his pupils. His great scholarly contribution was to have been his translation of Dio Chrysostom for the Loeb Classical Library but he died before it could be brought anywhere near completion. (The translation was ultimately done by J. W. Cohoon and H. Lamar Crosby [1932-51].) He studied at Berlin under Adolf Kirchhoff, Johannes Vahlen, Oldenburg, Albrecht Weber, and Johannes Schmidt. He was a founder of the College Entrance Examination Board and was its assistant secretary, 1901-2. A devoted son of Yale, he served a decade as class secretary.

  • Sources:

    C. J. Kraemer, Jr., DAB 19:537; WhAm 1:1306.

  • Author: Ward W. Briggs, Jr.