• Date of Birth: November 09, 1908
  • Born City: Campbellford
  • Born State/Country: ON
  • Parents: Rev. F. W. White & wife.
  • Date of Death: January 01, 1977
  • Death City: Toronto
  • Death State/Country: ON
  • Education:

    B.A. Queen's U. (Kingston, ON), 1929; M.A., 1930; B.A. Oxford, 1933; M.A., 1938; Litt. D. Bishop's U. (Quebec, PQ) 1971; Acadia U., 1972.

  • Professional Experience:

    Lctr. to prof, class. Trinity Coll., U. Toronto, 1941-74; ed. Phoenix, 1946-64; head grad. dept. class, stud. U. Toronto, 1966-72; hon. mem. Hellenic Soc. 1964; British Council fell, to Universities of Oxford & Leeds, 1965; fell. RSC, 1971; vis. prof. ASCSA, 1972-3.

  • Publications:

    Studies Norwood (ed.); "The Duration of the Samian Tyranny," JHS 74 (1954) 36-43; "Greek Tyranny," Phoenix 9 (1955) 1-18; "The Dates of the Orthagorids," Phoenix 12 (1958) 2-14; "Some Agiad Dates, Pausanias and his Sons," JHS 84 (1964) 140-52; "Herodotus' Starting Point," Phoenix 23 (1969) 39-48; "Hippias and the Athenian Archon List," Studies Salmon, 81-95.

  • Notes:

    Mary White was the first woman Canadian classicist to achieve international distinction. Almost the whole of her academic career was spent at Trinity College in the University of Toronto, and it was there that the now well-known and highly regarded Journal of the Canadian Classical Association, Phoenix, was founded and she became its first editor. When she stepped down from the editorial chair after 18 years, Phoenix enjoyed a reputation second to none among classical periodicals. Her own scholarly publications, highlighted by her two papers in the Journal of Hellenic Studies, earned her wide recognition in Europe and led to her election as an honorary member of the Hellenic Society, an honor without precedent for a Canadian. Her whole career constitutes an embarrassment to those who would claim that women have always been second-class citizens in academe.

  • Sources:

    G. M. A. Grube, PRSC 4.15 (1977) 139-41; Queen's U. Registrar's office; T. M. Robinson, Phoenix 28 (1974) viii; personal knowledge.

  • Author: John Cole