• Date of Birth: August 28, 1904
  • Born City: Atlantic City
  • Born State/Country: NJ
  • Parents: Samuel, a merchant, & Rachel Y.
  • Date of Death: February 13, 1980
  • Death City: Ann Arbor
  • Death State/Country: MI
  • Married: Louise Canberg, 29 July 1934.
  • Education:

    A.B. U. Cincinnati, 1927; A.M. Columbia, 1928; dipl. Inst. Cath. Paris, 1929; D.Phil. Cologne, 1969.

  • Professional Experience:

    Res. asst. to res. prof, papyrology U. Michigan, 1929-74; instr. to prof. Gk., 1930-74; Guggenheim fell., 1957-8; Russell lectr., 1962; hon. pres. Assn. Int. Pap., 1968-74; fell. AmPhS; corr. fell. British Academy.

  • Publications:

    Tax Rolls from Karanis (=P. Mich. IV), with V. B. Schuman & O. M. Pearl, 2 vols. (Ann Arbor, 1936-9); The Last Chapters of Enoch in Greek, ed. Campbell Bonner, with Youtie (London, 1937; repr. Darmstadt, 1968); Papyri and Ostracafrom Karanis (=P. Mich. VI), ed. with O. M. Pearl (Ann Arbor, 1944); Papyri and Ostraca from Karanis, second ser. (=P. Mich. VIII), ed. with J. G. Winter (Ann Arbor, 1951); Textual Criticism of Documentary Papyri: Prolegomena, BICS Suppl. 6 (1958; 2d ed., 1974); The Archive of Aurelius Isidorus in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo, and the University of Michigan (=P. Coir. Isidor.), ed. with A. E. R. Boak (Ann Arbor, 1960); Das Archiv des Petaus (=P. Petaus), ed. with U. & D. Hagedorn & L. C. Youtie (Cologne & Opladen, 1969); Urkunden aus Panopolis (= P. Panop.), ed. with D. Hagedorn & L. C. Youtie (Bonn, 1980).Kleine Schriften: Scriptiunculae, 3 vols. (Amsterdam, 1973, 1975) (articles 1930-71, augmented by Youtie's own notes); Scriptiunculae posteriores, 2 vols. (Bonn, 1981) (articles 1972-80, published posthumously).Festschrift: Collectanea Papyrologica: Texts Published in Honor of H. C. Youtie, ed. Ann Ellis Hanson, 2 vols. (Bonn, 1976).

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