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SEELINGER, Robert Adam, Jr.

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  • Date of Birth: October 16, 1951
  • Born City: Washington
  • Born State/Country: DC
  • Parents: Robert Adam & Constance S.
  • Date of Death: September 22, 2018
  • Death City: Fulton
  • Death State/Country: MO
  • Married: Cathy Callaway
  • Education:

    ICCS, 1971-2; B.A. Dickinson Coll., 1973; M.A., Brown, 1976; ASCSA, summer 1976, 1988-9, 1995-6; 2005-6 (Senior Associate); Ph.D. U. Missouri, 1981.

  • Dissertation:

    "Magical Motifs in he Metamorphoses of Apuleius" (Missouri, 1981).

  • Professional Experience:

    Vis. asst. prof., U. Missouri, 1983-5; instr. Westminster Coll.,  1979-81; asst. prof., 1981-8; assoc. prof., 1988-97; prof. 1997-   interim dean of Faculty and Vice-President of the College, 1998-9; dean of faculty and Vice President of the College, 1999-2005; APA Excellence in Teaching Award, 1993; Governor's Teaching Award (Missouri) 1994; NEH Summer Seminar Fellowship, "Religion and Society in Ancient Greece," Stanford University, Michael Jameson, director 1983; NEH Summer Seminar Fellowship, "Archaeology and Ancient History," Ancient Corinth, Greece, Timothy E. Gregory, director (Ohio State) 1991.

  • Publications:

    "Robert Fludd's Declaratio Brevis to James I," written in collaboration with William Huffman, Ambix 25 (1978) 69-82; "Spatial Control: A Reflection of Lucius' Progress in the Metamorphoses," TAPA 116 (1986) 361-7; "Eva Johnston," "William Gwathmey Manly," "Walter Miller," and "Richard Grier Peoples," in Biographical Dictionary of North American Classicists, ed. W. Briggs (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1993); "The Case of Seuthes and Xenophon's Success in the Anabasis: A Conflict of Values," CB 73.1 (1997) 23-30; "The Dionysiac Context of the Cult of Melikertes/Palaimon at Isthmia," Maia 50 (1998) 271-280

  • Notes:

                Bob Seelinger taught classics at Westminster College from 1979 until taking early retirement in 2015, necessitated by a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.  By the time of his death, he had served as professor of classics for over 20 years and in addition had served as Dean of the Faculty and Vice President of the College for over a half dozen years at the campus made famous by the “Iron Curtain” speech delivered there in 1946 by Winston Churchill.       

                He never lost his zeal for research, and his love of teaching. A beloved teacher, Bob taught all levels of both languages as well as a wide range of general education courses.  Not surprisingly to the scores of Westminster students who had studied with him, he received the APA Award for Excellence in the Teaching of the Classics, the Governor’s Award for Teaching, and the Parents’ Association Award for Teachingamong many other recognitions. But his career also allowed presentations and publications in some of his favorite authors, from Apuleius (the focus of his dissertation), to 4thcentury, Republican, and early Imperial authors and genres.  His abundant time at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, as well as at two NEH Summer Seminars, enabled other students and scholars to make the most of their time there.

                A devoted family man, Bob met his wife Cathy Callaway, herself an accomplished professional in the field, when they both studied classics at MU and where their son, not surprisingly, also majored in classics, as well as in political science. The family enjoyed traveling together, most notably to Greece, where they enjoyed three different sabbatical years, the last one in 2005-06.

                Until just weeks before he passed away, Bob was working on two projects: an update of William Parrish’s Westminster CollegeAn Informal History (with Margot McMillen) and an analysis (with Cathy Callaway) of a Greek funeral stele (2nd-3rd century A.D.) dedicated to Heliodora in the Museum of Art and Archaeology at MU.

  • Author: Ted Tarkow