• Date of Birth: January 03, 1870
  • Born City: Cambridge
  • Born State/Country: MA
  • Parents: William Fairchild, first president of Boston University, & Harriet Cornelia Merrick W.
  • Date of Death: November 16, 1958
  • Death City: Newton Center
  • Death State/Country: MA
  • Married: George Arthur Wilson, August 6, 1902
  • Education:

    A.B., Boston U., 1891; M.A., 1894, Ph.D. Bryn Mawr, 1898; study in Munich and Berlin, 1896-7.

  • Dissertation:

    "A Study of Conjunctional Temporal Clauses in Thucydides" (Bryn Mawr, 1898).

  • Professional Experience:

    Fellow in Latin, Bryn Mawr, 1893-4; fellow by courtesy in Latin, 1894-6; Instr. Latin, 1897-1902; secretary American Board of Directors at Isabella Thorn College (Lucknow, India), 1918-30; corresp. secretary New York Branch of Women's Foreign Missionary Society, 1918-30; Red Cross volunteer, 1944-53.

  • Publications:

    ""A Study of Conjunctional Temporal Clauses in Thucydides," PAPA 28 (1897) lxi-lxv; The Structure of Dionysii Halicarnassensis epistula II ad Ammaeum," AJP 20 (1899) 316-19; "On Dionysii Halicarnasei de Thucydidis Idiomatis Epistula," CR 16 (1902) 120; "The Soma Offering in a Fragment of Alkman," AJP 30 (1909) 188-95; "Jason as 'Dolomedes'," CR 24 (1910) 180; "The Parthenaion of Alkman," AJP 33 (1912) 57-67.

  • Notes:

    Winifred Warren rose from public school training to an advanced degree from Boston University to a doctorate from Bryn Mawr to the lectures of Diels at Munich and Wilamowitz at Berlin. While teaching at Bryn Mawr, she, along with Mary Alice Case (1857-1941), were the first women to present papers at a meeting of the APA (1897). Following her marriage to George Arthur Wilson (1864-1941), who had been her classmate at Boston University, had studied with her in Berlin, and was head of the philosophy department at Syracuse University, she gave up teaching. 

  • Sources:

    Women's Who's Who of America (1914-15) 893.

  • Author: Ward Briggs