• Date of Birth: October 15, 1852
  • Born City: Häradshammer
  • Born State/Country: Sweden
  • Parents: Daniel, a shoemaker, & Anna Brita Olofsdotter D.
  • Date of Death: July 10,1933
  • Death City: Uppsala
  • Death State/Country: Sweden
  • Education:

    A.B. Uppsala, 1874; licen. 1879; Ph.D., 1880.

  • Dissertation:

    "Studia Grammatica," (Lic. Uppsala, 1879; Grammatiska Anmärkningar I-3; (Ph.D., Uppsala, 1881-3)

  • Professional Experience:

    Asso. prof. classical languages,1879; prof. comp. linguistics, 1883-4; prof. Greek, 1884-91; member, Swedish Academy of Letters, 1901; Royal Academy of Sciences, 1905.

  • Publications:

    “Grammatiska anmärkningar I-II” in Årsskrift" (Uppsala Univ., 1881-3), “Die Einleitung des Mahâbhâshya übersetzt,” Zeitschr. Der deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft (1883); “Über umbrisches und oskisches esuf, essuf, in Altitalische Studien, ed. C. Pauli (Uppsala, 1884); “Grammatische und etymologisclie studien I,” Årsskrift (Uppsala Univ., 1888), Epigraphica Årsskrift(Uppsala Univ., 1890); “De voce aifyog quaestio etymologica,” Skrifter utg. af Hum. vetenskapssamf. i Uppsala (Upsala,1892), “Zur metrischen dehnung im älteren griechischen epos,” Skrifter utg. af Hum. vetenskapssamf. i Uppsala (Upsala, 1897); Corpus Inscriptionum Etruscarum, vol.2,1,1 (Tit.4918-5210) (Leipzig: Barth, 1907); Corpus Inscriptionum Etruscarum, vol.2,1,2 (Tit. 5211-5326) (Leipzig: Barth, 1923); Corpus Inscriptionum Etruscarum vol.2,1,3 (Tot.5327-5606) (Leipzig: Barth, 1936).

  • Notes:

    Danielsson is the most important, if perhaps the only, Swedish Etruscologist of the turn of the 19thcentury. Educated at Uppsala, he remained there as a faculty member for his entire career, despite an offer in 1891 from Goteburg. He was the lifeblood of the linguistics program at Uppsala and was an inspirational teacher not only of Greek and Latin, but early Italic and Indian languages. He published early on in the yearly proceedings of Uppsala faculty, but he also published a number of articles in the Swedish classics journal Eranos.  State support allowed him to travel in Italy in 1885-6 and a grant from the Swedish Academy in 1890 allowed him to return, collecting inscriptions which would form the early basis of the Corpus Inscriptionum Etruscarum which he founded in 1893 with the German linguist and high-school teacher Karl Pauli (1839-1901). Following Pauli’s death in 1901 the project was assisted by the Munich librarian Gustav Herbig (1868-1923) and following Danielsson’s death the project and its materials were taken over by the Uppsala University Library.  

  • Sources:

    J. Charpentier, Indogermanisches Jahrbuch 18 (1934) 327-33; B. Nogara, Rendiconti della Pontif. Accad. Rom.di Archéol. 10 (1934) 33-8; E.Löfstedt, Svenska Vetenskapsakad.Arabok (1935) 287-99; G. Devoto, “D. lingurista,”Stud. Etrusc. 9 (1935) 121-6.

  • Author: Ward Briggs