• Date of Birth: June 13, 1820
  • Born City: Holzendorf
  • Born State/Country: Germany
  • Parents: a forester & wife
  • Date of Death: February 13, 1895
  • Death City: Aurich
  • Death State/Country: Germany
  • Education:

    Study at cantor school, Woldegk; gymnasium, New Brandenburg, 1833-9; Leipzig, 1839-42; Ph.D. Rostock, 1857.

  • Professional Experience:

    Privatdozent, St, Petersburg, Russia, 1842-5; state teaching examination, 1845; provisional teacher Realschule zu Güstrow, 1845-6; full teacher, 1846-9; Dom-Gymnasium, Johannis, 1849-65; senior teacher, Kgl. Pedagogium, Putbus on Rügen, 1865-9; dir., Friedland Gymnasium, Mecklenburg, 1869-72; dir. Royal Prussia grammar school, 1872; dir. Kgl. Aurich Gymnasium, 1872-90; Order of the Red Eagle, 1890. 

  • Publications:

    De lingua Rossica antiquis simillima (Güstrow, 1853); Phraseologie aus Caesar’s Bellum Gallicum (Wismar, 1859); Untersuchungen über den Sprachgebrauch der römischen Historiker, I (Güstrow 1860); Zur Lexikographie der lateinischen Sprache (Güstrow, 1861); Über Syntax und Stil des Tacitus (Leipzig, 1868;  2nd ed. 1874; 3rd  ed., 1882; repr. Amsterdam, 1967); Die Annalen des Tacitus, school edition with commentary vols. 1-2 (1868-9; 3rd ed. 1878-82; 8th ed., 1917; vol. 2, 4th ed., 1899; Das Leben des Agricola von Tacitus, school edito with commentary (1869; 3rd ed., 1879; 5thed, 1891; 6th ed ed. Wilhelm Heraus, 1905); Platonica (Adnotationes in Politiam, Timaeum, Phaedonem, Phaedrum) (Friedland-Mecklenburg, 1872); Historische Syntax der latein. Sprache, (Leipzig 1874, 1878); Nachträge zur latein. Syntax (Aurich, 1879); Heinrich Ebeling, Schulwörterbuch zu Caesar mit bes. Berücksichtigung der Phraseologie, 3rded., (ed.) (Leipzig, 1880, 1884); Friedrich Adolph Heinichen, Lateinisch-deutsches und deutsch- lateinisches Schulwörterbuch, 2 vols., 4th ed., (ed.) (Leipzig, 1881-3); Ovid als Sprachbildner (Aurich, 1888); Zur Lexikographie der latein. Sprache (Aurich, 1890).

  • Notes:

    Draeger studied under Gottfried Hermann at Leipzig, but chose to spend his career in gymnasia. Called to be tutor in Mecklenburg by Count Olsuvief, court marshal of Tsar Nicholas I, he remained in Mecklenburg until he received his teaching license in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew. He was in demand as a teacher-scholar, who wrote books in the Teubner school-texts series, that were designed to introduce gymnasium students to the content and style of Tacitus. His Ph.D. was awarded on the basis of his publications, not on a separate dissertation. On his retirement as director of the gymnasium at Aurich, he was awarded the Order of the Red Eagle (Roter Adlerorden), a Prussian order of chivalry given to soldiers and to civilians for long and excellent service to the kingdom. 

  • Sources:

    Heinrich Deiter, BBJ 19 (= JAW 91), 1896 (1897), 92–4 with biblio. = DBA 250, 212–15; J. Keuffel, Progr. Aurich Gymnasium (1895).

  • Author: Ward Briggs